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  1. - Gavin -

    Can Someone Return My C Spanner?

    I have a box that the ECU sits in, but I had taken it out to neaten it up at the time. And the car itself...
  2. - Gavin -

    Can Someone Return My C Spanner?

    Been in touch with GBS, they gave it back to Javelin in the end as they couldn't find me or whatever and they are going to send it to me. Just a quick thank you to the people on here as I wouldn't of got it back otherwise, I know it's something small but if that happened every time I went on track I'd soon be out of pocket!
  3. - Gavin -

    Can Someone Return My C Spanner?

    Oh right, I'll give that a try then, just assumed that the top was for members on the forum didn't think it could be GBS staff, cheers.
  4. - Gavin -

    Can Someone Return My C Spanner?

    It is annoying when that happens, makes you reluctant to help others as well. But I'm not saying they've deliberately took it or whatever as it probably isn't the case, just thought seeing as they were obviously a forum member that this would be the best chance of having it returned. I recognise your car from that day as well. Average height/build and brown hair I think, but to be honest I was working on the car at the time so my dad went and found it for him and never saw what car he owned.
  5. - Gavin -

    Can Someone Return My C Spanner?

    I don't need it at this moment in time, I'd just like it back. Thanks for the offer though.
  6. Only just got round to posting on here but someone wearing a GBS owners shirt borrowed my C Spanner at Blyton on July 29th. If the person who lent it sees this can you please drop me a PM so you can then post it to me. We tried looking for you several times before having to leave but obviously couldn't find you. I don't mind lending tools but I do expect them back and it would be appreciated if it was returned. If you aren't sure who I was I was in the green and yellow Rx-8 engined Westfield. Thanks, Gavin.
  7. - Gavin -

    2b Rear Drums To Disc

    I think your on about the one ive been looking at, cheers thats exactly what i wanted to know
  8. - Gavin -

    2b Rear Drums To Disc

    Its going on the track thanks for the info too.
  9. - Gavin -

    2b Rear Drums To Disc

    Hi, ive just bought a 2b and im thinking about changing the rear drums to discs. Are there any kits available or what parts will i need? Also is it cheaper/easier to swap the whole axle to one with discs already installed?