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  1. Thank You letter now sent i'll let you know how i get on.
  2. fontayne56

    Side Repeaters

    Going to be doing this job soon any better LED Side repeaters i should look into ?
  3. Great Colchester !! Cracking on with my build. Front folding bonnet almost complete I'll post some pictures up when I'm done.
  4. Could someone point me in the right direction. I need a decent fuel filler pipe and seal to the tank. I never fitted it myself and it's a right old bodge. I have a metal locking cap one end and need decent seal the other but they are completely different sizes. Help !!!
  5. Do you just send the letter to DVLA Swansea or do they have a department for it ? Ps i found it VC15A/MASET DVLA Swansea SA99 1ZZ
  6. AHHH Wow cheers guys this is a great help !! Certainly given me some ideas !! !
  7. Thinking about making my bonnet fold forward. Has anyone done it already ?
  8. Firing up the pinto but what the hell am i doing !!

  9. Why do i see photo bucket images in places of the original images. Just trying to fire my EFI up but i would like to know which order the HT leads go to the cylinders cheers !!! Ryan
  10. cheers guys will investigate and be in touch ! lots to check out ... Ryan
  11. Hi all been building my 2B for about 3 years now juggling life and houses you know how it is. I have a EFI 2,0 Fuel Injected Electronic ignition. I had the car running about two years ago. One day i was running it in the garage when i spluttered and stopped. It had lost its spark. I left it since now. Now a new garage and a new home i am ready to get the project back on track. Here are the simptons. It turns over with no spark. I hear a relay flick when the ignition is turned on. Fuel pump engages. But with a tester on it i nearly get 12 volts to it. 8.6 volts. Turns over but the rev counter does not bounce? should it do ... ? I have tested the coil. I have taken it off the car and checked its working ok. I have also tried another coil. It gets warm if ignition is left on. I have 12 volts to the coil also i have given the coil a new earth and it now earthed fine. I am getting 12 volts out of the coil down to inside the distributer cap. I have tried cleaning the earths to the ignition module and the backing plate which i think its earthed through. Is there a way of testing this ? I have tested the earth to the engine block and given the spark plugs its own earth. Still no joy. When the distrubuter is loose i can move it round slightly left and right and i can hear a relay fire on and off again but when i do this i still don't get and power down the ht leads. I have tried another icu and i have now run out of ideas PLEASE HELP !!!!! Off work for six weeks and i have loads of play time. Many Thanks Ryan
  12. Cool is this the stuff ... http://www.screwfix.com/p/sika-sikaflex-ebt-adhesive-black-300ml/79299
  13. Hi Guys What's the best glue to use to glue on some edging trim ? Cheers Ryan
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