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  1. You can def LPG carb engines including having them with the fuel switchable on the move. A guy at our office has done his own conversion on a highly tweeked Rover V8 running SU carbs. I think he's got approx 350+BHP. That thing really goes.
  2. Mike Perry

    Dash Lights

    Bright Six - great They were easy to fit and look good. My only criticism is that main beam warning lamp is v. bright when your out in the dark of night. Am trying to figure out how to add a resitor or similar to dim this.
  3. Mike Perry


    We've got some black carpet surplus to requirements. It is RH carpet vintage 2003 maybe what you are looking for + we're only just down the road at Copthorne. Let me know if you think it might be suitable.
  4. Mike Perry


    I tried the Polo rad but the top & bottom hose feeds either clashed with the steering rack or the top crossmember (2B with wishbones) so discarded it. Now fitted with rad from 1.6 Renault 5 diesel which has thermoswitch boss. I do have an unused coolman leftover from the build if anyone is interested?
  5. We've got Green Gauges instruments in our 2B; passed SVA July 06. Our speedo has been giving us trouble ever since we first installed it. It seems to work fine for the first 5, 10 or sometimes 15 mins; then it just stops displaying speed and recording distance. The LCD display is still displaying but not incrementing the distance; so power is not the problem. The sensor we're using is the proximity sensor which we have picking up on the 4 prop flange bolt heads on the diff; and seems to be giving a good signal. It does seem to be temperature related but I can't quite see how that can cause the speedo to stop working. Have any of you wise folks got any bright ideas what the problem might be? Whilst we're on the topic; the SVA tester wasn't too impressed with the readings of the speedo. He described it as "spikey" but it did just pass; he put it down to being CA instrument. Having said that; I ran it and tried to compare with GPS on a run and sometimes it over read, sometimes under, and according to the speedo we never break the speed limit because it very rarely reads above 70. Although when tested on a local airfield it did show 90, then lept to 70 then 90 and so on. Again any bright ideas? we would like to get more reliability and accuracy from it. p.s. Green Gauges weren't able to offer much help.
  6. Popped in briefly on my way home. Only hung around until 7.25. Saw 5 Caterhams no Hoods. On my way home I passed a blue Hood approaching from Dorking but did not have time to go back. Any one own up to who it was?
  7. Andrew Like you we did not want to have the handbrake lever on the tunnel top; so we utilised the designed position, but raised the lever up. The picture says it all I hope. Note the cable running around a pulley under the floor. The pulley was sourced from my boat, but I could find the details if you want. I'll post a picture when I figure out how to do it!
  8. We used very similar mirrors (Honda VFR800) and they weren't a problem at SVA
  9. snap - has worked well for us - i.e. no leaks
  10. I was looking for a quote for our company van and got rather distracted by this: http://www.budgetvaninsurance.com/vanman/index.htm?i=4
  11. We had a similar problem earlier this year. See the response to our posting. It worked for us.
  12. Our EFi Pinto ignition leads had suppressors on the distributor cap and that was OK at SVA in July. Mind you our local AutoTune guy did comment that can be the cause of a poor spark and would be better removed and replaced with suppressed leads. HTH
  13. Mike Perry


    Have you got a date then!
  14. WE re-used the piece that came off the doner car. To gain length we cut it and inserted some 15mm copper to get to our pump. HTH
  15. Hi Pete We had used jubilee clips to secure our flexi fuel pipe to the 8mm copper, but just prior to SVA we were advised to swap them over to the the fuel pipe clips as these are preferable to some testers. The argument being that jubilee clips can pinch the pipe. That said I believe that we did overlook one of our jubilee clips and it did not cause us to fail (maybe the tester also overlooked it). In hindsight I have also found that my brake pipe flaring tool will also cope with the 8mm copper and I would have flared the ends of the copper where it joins with the flexible pipe, but even so we haven't had any problems with just clamping. I'm only up the A23 at Copthorne if you need any assistance.
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