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  1. hi donny james

    i never built my car, ive built in the past but i bought this one. it was built with a 2.0 pinto and then converted, im sure its got the rover 5 speed manual fitted. im guessing with your name youre called james and live in donny. if thats the case im in donny, in barnby dun, and youre welcome to come round and look at how mines been done. just let me know.

    cheers, dave.

  2. Hi just wondered if you could help

    I am building a 2B and wanting to put a rover V8 into it just wondered if you used the rover V8 and did you use the ford type 9 gearbox. If you did could you give me any advice on the bell housing and clutch please



  3. creedspeed

    Sliding Pillar Help

    not a problem ray, you can come up anytime to take the stuff you need and also look at my suspension if it helps. ill send you a email with my phone number. dave.
  4. creedspeed

    Sliding Pillar Help

    hi ray im only in barnby dun so not far away, i never built my 2b but have built a tj hornet years ago. i have my own small engineering firm in askern so if theres owt i can help with just ask, also big into bikes, ive got a speed triple at minute which is a keeper, but on lookout for a twinshock 70s trials bike. best of luck, dave.
  5. creedspeed

    Sliding Pillar Help

    hi ray. dont know if this helps but ive got the build manual and all videos for the 2b sliding pillar, im in doncastter too so you could borrow them no problem, cheers, dave.
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