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  1. Bobby

    Sand Blasting

    Hi, My build has been going terrible slow (or should i say normally slow!) But because of this (and the fact i neglected to do it when i should have), some of my panels have started collecting some surface rust. It is not been enought to scar the panels but it is enought to tire my little weedy arms out. Does anyone know anything about sand blasting? Thanks Bobs
  2. Bobby


    Try here - 34sp Bobs
  3. Bobby

    Dorset/hampshire Meet?

    Ha Ha now i am officially a member - woohoo Hehe Bobs
  4. Bobby

    Dorset/hampshire Meet?

    Hi, I've just joined and can't find anywhere to change from user to meber! help Bobs
  5. Bobby

    Rear Axle

    Hi Just got my rear axle on my Sub-K...The left wheel seems 1/2 inch further in than the right...eeek what have i done!!!
  6. Bobby

    Driving A Hood

    How can i find people that live in the same area as me? Is there a search for location thing on this board? I will see you up north tommorrow... Bobs
  7. Hi having finally getting round to fitting the rear subframe and suspension (on a sub K); on the vid, they push the floor under the frame this seems to put pressure on the rear angle and obviosly bends the floor... Can i just cut a bit off the back or do i need to push it under? Bobs
  8. Bobby

    Gearbox Moounting

    Is this diffewrent for the Sub-K? as on the vud they have the rubber and metal mount ontop of the chassis and floor??? Or have i got the wrong end of the stick? eeek Bobs
  9. Bobby

    Are You A "marked" Hoodie?

    in the vid it says that the silencer is not hot..is this a lie or am i getting very confused.!!! Bobs
  10. Bobby

    Collection D-day !

    Well I wouldn't worry if i was you, I managed to fit the whole thing onto my dad's Micra!!! The Frame and major body panels on the roof and the rest packed into the back of the car. Gone it all home in one piece too... Bobs
  11. Bobby

    Any Advice On How To Build A Site!

    The better solution would be put your brain to work by creating your web using HTML core code and even if you up to learning it PHP... it's great fun and you can do what you want without worring that Frontpage is going Bugger it up! If this is not appealing to you, then you're crazy but go for Dreamweaver as i've many a good thing said about this... Bobs
  12. Bobby

    Insurance Worries

    In my experience the engine size doesn't make much difference. When i was ringing round to check i could afford the insurance, one company i forget the name said that the cost would be the same for a 1.6 as it would for a 2.0. anyway if you're do it as fast as me you'll be able to get insured by SAGA!!! hehe bobs
  13. Bobby


    That sounds great jim, cheers? How much would you want for it? If you send me a Message with your mail addrsss or something then i will remind you closer to the time. Thanks for all you're help.. Bobs
  14. Bobby


    So if I have a 2V now what would i have to do to get the DGAV onto my puppy? also where can i get a DGAV 32/36 from Sorry for all these questions but i'm new to all this and you'd better be prepared for more!!! Bob
  15. Bobby


    Hi - i just got my engine, but the carburetter is bust, and thus i need a new one! I was wondering if i need to get another "Weber 2V" for a 2 litre engine or are there others that will work and what are the differences? Thanks alot Bob