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  1. hopefully mate, then i can start a new project
  2. Unfortunately its time for me to say farewell to kit car ownership. Ive made some great friends and will hopefully be back one day but with the imminent split from the Missus I have no choice its on the bay of e and will hopefully be gone in a few days. Thanks to all who have helped me through the build and I'll be back soon(ish) Hammy
  3. No one should be scared of wrapping it yourself you'll save a fortune Ive wrapped lots of my zero as you can see on my blog.. just needs patience and its all in the prep... Yours looks cool mate!
  4. Anyone else selling one??? pllllease
  5. I'm gonna do this so will be watching this post as I dont want to drill/rivet the scuttle as I also want the option switch to having a screen
  6. Andy, buy the gbs one mate and you wont go wrong mate it comes with or without filler cap if you have a water rail or header
  7. Tiger seal for me every time and cheap on the bay!
  8. Enjoy the next project mate
  9. I tried at least for attempts at the savage with my mate whos a sparky... we binned it and fitted a replacement in 5 minutes!
  10. One day I will get this thing on the road!

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