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  1. Have you sold it? I may be interested. Andy
  2. I did put a price on trying to canvas opinions. I'm not selling them and I don't know if the guy will make anymore but the approx price was removed. I'll text u.
  3. I was fed up of my gear knob coming loose and wobbling around because of useless allen key fittings so I managed to source a gear knob with the correct thread to screw straight onto the type 9 gearstick. The gearknob is hand crafted in the UK and is machined from a solid piece of aluminium. With a Matt brushed aluminium finish. Gives a really nice quality solid feel to the gear shift. I've coupled mine with a gear gaiter and richbrook gear gaiter holder. Pics don't really do it justice, its a really nice, smooth, perfect sphere. Pics to follow. Cheers, Andy
  4. I just super glued my carbs on then jubileed them. They aren't going anywhere and no problems in a couple of years. Andy
  5. Are you fitting with servo? You could get a push rod from Tiger and do away with the servo. I have this set up on mine and a number of others do too. The brake feel is firmer and more direct but you don't get much assistance. Would save quite a bit of space losing the servo from the equation? Alternatively you can get remote servos for placing elsewhere. Andy
  6. Compression test is definitely the way forward to make sure the valves are sealing ok. I doubt it would run on just 2 cylinders so that suggests the spark is firing at the right time on the other 1 or 2 correctly. They are wet so getting fuel as well. Is the link between the 2 carbs OK. i.e. are they both opening by the same amount? Do you have another carb you can try it with to eliminate the webers as the problem? Andy
  7. I use Valvoline VR-1 20w50 its the dogs danglies for tuned engines and suitable for racing. http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p3875/VALVOLINE-VR1-RACING-OIL-20W-50-%285-Litre%29/product_info.html There's probably cheaper places than Merlin but first link i found to it. Andy
  8. AWhite

    Window Wipers

    You can just get the wiper arms that face the other way. No need to change the motor around. If they auto park just need to make sure they park in the right place. Mine don't so I just do it manually by turning them off when they get to the right point. Andy
  9. I got mine from GBS too like Robin. Really solid and just needs a bit of weld to the stub axle thing. I fixed mine with bolts rather than the sikafex/glue fixing. Heard stories of a multiple Westfields losing their wings during a convoy run. Depends on how well they are bonded and how fast you drive i guess I also know people that have had no problems with them fixed in this way and they do look better. Personal preference I guess.
  10. AWhite

    Window Wipers

    I bought some wipers that bend the opposite way (i think from Europa - can't really remember) Now they park on the drivers side and the driver gets the full wipe and passenger get half a wipe. Figured the driver was more important. Andy
  11. AWhite

    Fuel Gauge

    That's the standard RH (Ford) sender if your Smiths gauges work with it then your either lucky or it been modified somehow. Personally I wouldn't trust and it might not be accurate. I know someone else with your gauges and that sender and they have just put up with the gauge reading backwards. The smith sender does not have a pickup pipe in it so you will have to drill a hole in it and fit a pickup pipe in it or drill a hole in the tank. I made a pickup pipe out of copper pipe (the smaller stuff you get from B & Q etc) the little filter thing on your existing sender fits straight over the pipe. And as Ian says it allows you to get the pipe closer to the bottom of the tank. Andy
  12. AWhite

    Fuel Gauge

    Just need a pic of the top of the fuel sender. You don't need to take it out....yet.
  13. AWhite

    Fuel Gauge

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