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    Kayaking, Snowboarding, Rust-curing(!) and trying to find insurance for my 4.9 ltr Ford Bronco (not easy in Ireland).

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    Kit purchase now unlikely as insurance in Ireland is ridiculous - bugger
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  1. gavin

    Speed Cameras

    Nothing exciting... 2 eurobox-types (Nissan and Daewoo) for commuting... Ford Bronco LHD 4wd 4.9ltr which is in storage, insurance want €2200, b@ll@cks to that - I only want to use every now and then. :gdit: My plans for building a kit car got put on hold when redundancy loomed, and now I'm in a situation to start looking again - I moved to Ireland where you get shafted on insurance if you drive anything which isn't "normal" Shame really as I'm itching to have a go, but can't justify spending more on insurance than the car's cost/value. I just day dream (LOTS) by reading all the new posts everyday on this forum.
  2. gavin

    Speed Cameras

    You may also find this website interesting and informative.... http://www.speed-trap.co.uk/ I know I did! Gavin - 12 points...4 speeding tickets...all dual carriageway, 6 months ban...... - Now living in Ireland - only 47-ish cameras in whole country (mostly Dublin!)
  3. gavin


    On the subject of welding and Xmas presents... How about one of these! http://www.jenpro.co.uk/Protective/hoodlum.html As if a 6'6" welder, built like a brick outhouse in a Nirvana t-shirt isn't scary enough!
  4. gavin


    Sorry that should read Long HANDLED Manual Soil Manipulator
  5. gavin


    Why call a spade just a spade, when you can have a Long Handed Manual Soil Manipulator!
  6. gavin

    Building/registering In Ireland

    Don't talk to me about insurance.... I read a report recently that stated something to the effect that in Southern Ireland consumers are 6 times more likely to make an insurance claim than anywhere else in Europe, and payouts are 4 times as high! Not sure about those numbers but it was something ridiculous like that! As I said earlier I can't get insurance for my Bronco. It's not even a case of quotes being ridiculously high, insurance companies won't even quote on it. As soon as I mention LHD and 5 ltrs, it's as much as they can do not to laugh. Highlights my point exactly. If it was a classic (>20 yrs old) - no worries, 1 or 2 companies specialise. But it's only 10 yrs old. There are loads of "boy racer" types here - you now the sort...less ground clearance than a hood, tea tray on the boot! - and there are companies who insure them (I know a guy who pays 2500 euros a year and its only a small Golf sized car), but big engines and left hookers they no likee. The search continues....... Wonder if I could insure a Hood as a "lightly" modified sierra?
  7. gavin

    Building/registering In Ireland

    Fred Thanks for the info.... I'll be looking into the donor situation at bit more once I've found out about registering and insuring. Don't want to start building, and then find I can't insure the bugger. Insurance over here is a nightmare - I pay about £100 more for TPFT than for fully comp in the UK! :angry: Cheers Gav
  8. Just a curiosity really.... Does anyone out there have any experience of building, registering and/or insuring a Hood in the Republic of Ireland. I recently moved here and hope, some time in the near future, to have a go at building my first kit car. Before leaving ol'Blighty I was seriously considering the Sub-K kit, but then unemployment loomed and things got put on hold. Now back in work and starting to think of kits again. I've also noticed that Sierras aren't that plentiful over here, and those I have seen seem fairly ropey. Insurance wise that are some worries aswell....I also own a 1989 4.9 ltr Ford Bronco LHD, and can't find anyone to insure it over here. There aren't the specialist insurance companies like in the UK. Any thoughts or ideas welcomed Gav