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  1. bobr

    No V5 With Donor Vehicle

    Simon : My mate when building his 2B used a insurance scrapped donor without documents. When it came to his build up inspection ( the inspector comes out to your garage for this up here) he gave her the vin plate, number plate and she took note of engine number. He got age related plate, first reg 2003, no mot for 3 years. I had all documents went through same procedure at the same dvla centre a month before. Got same reg as donor but first reg 1988 needed mot after first year. Bob
  2. bobr

    Mountney Wheel Cover

    Phil I have a cover you can have if you are stuck Bob
  3. bobr

    Sva Bits

    The inspectors at gosforth SVA centre will fail the mounty wheel with pad if it is not fitted to a collapsible boss. thay state that the collapsible part of the column is for a frontal impact. the sierra steering wheel is designed to collapse if hit from insde the car the moutney one is not .
  4. bobr

    Rwyb Day

    Do you need crash helmets to take part in a open top
  5. That will be Chris27 (Chris Paddon) on his way to work, he lives at Brandon Graeme were in the NE do you live, could meet sometime to give you a ride and you will discover the grin factor.
  6. bobr

    Number Plate

    Paul I got number of donor my mate got age related, my car log book says first reg 1985 6 owners needed mot after one year. His log book says reg 2003 1 owner no mot for 3 years. Bob
  7. bobr

    Brake Pipes

    Steve I've got a pipe flaring kit if you want to borrow it Bob
  8. bobr

    Balls For Anything

    Steve hope we get a better turn out tonight
  9. bobr

    Main Dealer Servicing

    Took my Nissan Terrano for 36000 Approx 3 year service, got a phone call to say brake pipes badly corroded need replacing £450. Phoned nissan main office to ask if this was a common thing, they phoned back later telling me they had phoned dealer to change them free of charge. Roll forward nearly 3 years and 72000 mile service on picking car up was informed brake pipes would need changing before next MOT.Bugger that,I had used dealer for the other MOTs but when due took it to independant centre. When picking it up he asked if I used it off road, no I replied why, Its just that the brakes pipes look as though they have been replaced they look brand new.
  10. I put a 25mm spacer block under the bottom shock bracket, this gave me enough ground clearence and was ok for SVA
  11. bobr

    Starter Problem

    Steve drop the motor off, you will see the condition of the teeth. If OK try power across solonoid to see if its getting full stroke to mesh bob
  12. bobr

    Lion Run

    Steve got them from the Lion Inn website Lionblakey.co.uk Bob
  13. bobr

    First Insurance

    Try Roadsure they covered on chassis number until I told them the reg. no 6 months later when the tax was again due
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