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  1. Personally I think he should have been watching were he was going a bit better
  2. Passed:) Had a good ride in the car though, can't wait untill wego out in it again.
  3. It was a great couple of days!! We know what you mean about the fireworks though as we had a couple of fireworks landing on our tent! We also had music on all night, untill about 5 in the morning, so we got hardly any sleep as we woke up about half 6. I would love to do it again, best weekend had for a long time, shame about Jenson only on fourth. Good weekend though, hopefully be able to go again next year!!!
  4. mike1602

    Nearly There!

    Hi, We have not booked ares yet, We are hoping to get booked sometime this week So with a bit of luck it should be soon! Good Luck On Yours
  5. mike1602

    Nearly There!

    its not you just re-sizing the image to big
  6. mike1602

    Nearly There!

    Hey, Super Spec Looking And Sounding Gooood, been a long winter and a long spring but it is getting there:D I have attached a image of how the car is coming along (Super Spec )
  7. mike1602

    At Last

    Yep Im Happy
  8. mike1602


    when we went to the show at exeter we found a good security system so we can shut off all the power to the car it is called the battery isolation switch so u can cut off all the pwere so noone is going anywere without any power!!
  9. hi, nomis just wondered if you could post a few pointers on the doe's and dont's of pick up cheers mike1602
  10. That sounds like a good getaway in your go kart,the work you have done on your go karts and bike's and the robin hood look very good (good website!!) cheers guy mike1602
  11. ok thank's for telling me im hope will if does ever get out of the garage cheers
  12. hi, the site look's like it is coming on very well it well be a good new site is this going to be the main site or will it just be the disscusion board's either way it will update the site very well
  13. heard someone picked up a superspec just like to know if you had any tip's to give us for when we pick up our order cheers mike
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