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  1. Steve.G

    Help Wanted

    Scotty Excellent news - amazing what you can find on the internet hidden in all the rubbish Glad to be able to help. Steve.G
  2. Stu - that's the problem with these automated systems you cannot get to talk to anyone - they have 4 options and I tried all of them leaving at least 20 minutes on each. The other trick is to do nothing - this just transferred me to a voice-mail service. Patience is obviously something I'm in short supply of - finally got through after queueing for 35 minutes (so now 2½ hours - all chargable as the phone has been answered by the automated service). The problem apparently is one of staffing (6 new staff started this week and are in training) I assume this is due partly to the merger and re-location. Hay-ho - lets hope they can now get me my policy documents 3 months after the renewal. Anyone thinking of ringing may be advised to wait a couple of days until these new staff come online ! Cheers Steve.G
  3. Has anyone managed to get through to Roadsure recently ?? I've now spent a total of over 2 hours (and still counting) holding (Saturday and today) waiting to speak to someone :gdit: :gdit: :gdit: If you've managed - what number did you call on and how long did you wait ? Regards Frustrated of Wales.
  4. Steve.G

    Help Wanted

    Scotty Have you tried here - LINK - seems like an interesting place to start. Some of the photo companies may come up trumps. Good Luck - and a great idea Steve.G
  5. So Roadsure are still in existence - I've just spent 45 minutes on hold and have given up. Still awaiting any form of documents after my February renewal :gdit: :gdit: :gdit: Steve.G
  6. Steve.G


    Coops Oh this is a disappointment - anything that comes from QVC is almost certainly going to be next to useless and overpriced :gdit: :gdit: Just my opinion Steve.G
  7. Steve.G


    Stu Having used it would you reccomend it ? I'm not sure how in normal use you'd tell if it saved you from any punctures - touch wood I've not had a puncture in years . I was wondering about both the RH and the rally car - currently have no spare for the RH and carry the dreaded Tyreweld. Steve.G
  8. Steve.G


    Received an e-mail from another site I'm registered with advertising this : Stay-A-Flate Has anyone come across it before (as it says not the Tyreweld stuff). If the claims are true (and why wouldn't they be it's an advert ) then it should be part of everyones standard build (If it is good then check out the Wholesale price for 5 litres or more - worth a group buy ?) Steve.G
  9. Anyone here aware that Roadsure had relocated to Northampton ? Sent my renewal cheque off in January (cashed 2 days prior to renewal date) and thought no more about it until today when I came across the renewal letter in my filing. Still not received the documents so rang them - after holding, and holding ........ - gave my details and asked where my documents were. "Oh, that's strange" she said "I can see the payment listed on your record but your policy is showing as LAPSED, just let me go and check your file". After more holding she came back and announced that she couldn't find my file - gone to speak to her manager - policy to be reinstated and KGM will issue a new certificate ****If you have renewed, or taken a new policy with Roadsure since January and have yet to receive your documents then I suggest you ring them ASAP**** Steve G
  10. Steve.G

    Rally Mud Flaps

    Don't want anything too expensive to fit them with otherwise you're in danger of doubling the value of the vehicle Steve G.
  11. Steve.G

    Rally Mud Flaps

    Could try these Mudflaps Can't find the super WRC ones that were approx £250 Steve G.
  12. Stu Thanks - watching both those - although having trouble with the 106Rallye site - registered my details on Saturday morning but still have no rights to post on ANY forum and cannot even view any of the For Sale/Wanted forums. You don't still have a vaild login on there do you ? Cheers Steve G.
  13. I know some may think this is way off-topic for this board but I know what a wide range of contacts read this board . I've not fallen out of love with the Green Meanie (I love it more each time I drive it ) but I'd like a chance to try something different - not stockhatching but Endurance Rallying (with some road rallies thrown in) I'm after a Series 1 106 Rallye - must be reasonably standard and without the optional sunroof. I'm not bothered about the interior or bodywork (I do draw the line at the one below ) - but must be mechanically sound, roadworthy and not messed about with in the engine department - cages, bucket seats, harnesses are OK. Budget is upto £1500 but would prefer quite a bit less. Ideally would like to find one somewhere in the area south of Birmingham/west of London/Wales. I'm watching eBay, Auto Trader, Exchange & Mart, Findit, adTrader and a couple of rally car sites - also looking at 106Register & PeugeotGTi. If you know of someone selling one or have seen one for sale near you then drop me a pm - if you find one on the net then send me the link. I'm frustrated with many of the web sites as there are adverts, some of which are years old :gdit:. Cheers Steve G.
  14. MikeD You're not a builder or double glazing fitter by any chance ? Steve G.
  15. The hard top looks great and as someone who still has a hood folded and unfitted in the garage it is very tempting - just a note of caution on the "production" issue before everyone gets their cheque book out If you read a lot of the discussions regarding hood fitment it concerns the position of the windscreen and the distance between it and the roll bar - sometimes this can vary by upto 2" from car to car. This to my mind means that much to the "frustration" :angry: of their owners each car is unique. Have you concidered how to deal with this issue of being able to either bridge this gap or s t r e t c h the hard top for an exact fit. Otherwise you could be faced with some of the same leaking issues as the standard hood. As I said it looks great but you may find it might take quite a lot of modification to get it to fit another car. Cheers Steve G
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