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  1. Can anyone recommend a place to buy a 2B wishbone conversion kit or recommend a company that do them. The car is presently unbuilt but it is of the sliding pillar variety. Any advice greatly received.
  2. Ok there yours, let me know when you have sorted something. Martin.
  3. I have a lot of sliding pillar suspension components get rid of if anyone wants them. I don't want anything or them but you will need to collect or pay for the postage. Email me on Piddy1@live.co.uk or PM me.
  4. Robin hood Exmo doors, hood & Hood frame wanted. Do the 2B doors, hood, & hood frame fit the Exmo if yes how well? Is there anyone that can be recommended to make the above items. Thanks
  5. piddy

    Easthoods Area Meet.

    Hi yes please do come and find us on Pitch 59i just introduce yourself and ask for Piddy or Martin.
  6. piddy

    Easthoods Area Meet.

    Should have said, we will be at Stoneleigh over the weekend of 4th/5th May pitch 59i. Piddy
  7. piddy

    Easthoods Area Meet.

    Hello Matthew. Welcome to the club and to Easthoods. Our next area meet is on the 11th May check out the club website www.freewebs.com/easthoods/ for full details. Drop me an e mail to Piddy1@btopenworld.com and I'll add you to the club emailing list and you will be kept up to date. Piddy
  8. Hello All. This is just a quick reminder our first club meting for 2014 is next Sunday at the Old Ram Inn, Tivetshall St Mary NR15 2DE. Arrive anytime after 10.30 am, I will hold the meeting at 12. Hot and cold food are available. If you are new to the club please try to attend you will be made more than welcome. If you require directions let me know and I will forward them to you. Martin
  9. Hello all. I had a conversation with one of my area members recently regarding converting his 2B from sliding pillar to double wishbone suspension. I converted my 2B about 12 years ago using mainly bespoke parts. He tells me that GBS do a kit for the conversion. I can’t remember the price he said it was but it seemed reasonable to me. Have any of you used this kit? And how was it? Is there anyone else out there that does a conversion kit or will do the conversion? Thank you in advance for any advice, comments, and opinions.
  10. Hello All. It is that time again; our next club meeting is this Sunday 8th September. This will again be held at the Old Ram, from 11am. I have booked this venue for the remaining meetings this year in October and November. We can then discuss and decide if we continue to meet here or seek another venue. The full address is The Old Ram, Tivetshall St Mary, Norwich. NR15 2DE. Tel 01379 676794 This is located along the A140. 7 miles from Diss, 14 Miles from Norwich. I will hopefully see you there. Martin.
  11. Hello All. New Venue! I have now been in contact with my contact from the Crown Inn at Pulham Market. It is definitely closed at the moment. I had also thought of the Falcon, the pub on the opposite side of the green at Pulham Market, but unfortunately the present owners are due to leave this weekend and new owners are taking over, they are due to make a lot of changes to the pub so It’s probably not the best place to move to at the moment. New Venue! My contact has suggested the Old Ram at Tivetshall St Mary, I have been in contact with them and they are willing to take us on. They have a function room at the back of the pub that we can use with doors that open on to a garden area. They have a very large car park. They do a roast dinner on Sunday lunchtime as well as other meals like lasagne and burgers etc. So I am glad to say that we will be meeting there this Sunday from 11am. This can be our new permanent venue or a temporary one dependant what we think of it. New Venue! The full address is The Old Ram, Tivetshall St Mary, Norwich. NR15 2DE. Tel 01379 676794 It is located along the A140. 7 miles from Diss, 14 Miles from Norwich. Thank you to those of you that have made suggestions of pubs that we might hold our meetings. Martin.
  12. piddy


    Hello all. Ref: our next meeting 18th August. I heard five weeks ago that the Crown Inn was due to close. I got in contact with one of the employees there and they said that it was being brought by a new owner, and it would be re opened before our next meet on the 18th. I've received two e mails over the last two weeks from members saying its closed so I'm trying to confirm this, during this week and make arrangements for a another meeting place if need be. I was a way in the US so I have not been able to sort anything until today. I’ve contacted the employee in question today via their mobile and I had to leave a message. I have tried to contact the pub via their phone and the number no longer exists. I’ll let you all know what I find out, and any new meeting point I may come up with, whether it be a temporary or permanent pending a trial by us. I will do this via e mail and the latest news section of our website. Regards Martin.
  13. 3 tickets are on the way to you Dave.
  14. Hello all. I have 10 spare Tickets for the above event. (Over 900 Vintage, Classic & Sports cars) Tickets will be issued on a first come/contact me basis. The tickets get you into the Fayre at a reduced price, but you will still have to pay £8 per car (for charity) Tickets can be collected on the day at the Newmarket services (BP A14 Southbound CB8 OXG) at 08.00 or I can post them to you. Thanks Martin Easthoods piddy1@btopenworld.com www.kimboltoncountryfayre.com
  15. East Anglian Area (Easthoods) 11 am Second Sunday of each month from March until November inclusive. At the Crown Inn Pulham Market Norfolk IP21 4TA CLICK HERE FOR MAP http://goo.gl/maps/Fx7D1
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