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  1. Terry. I had a great afternoon and enjoyed the company enormously,Thank you and your family for the hospitality and hope you now have a little more incentive to finish what I think is a very impresive build. Danny
  2. Ian. I have just read your reply again and see you mention pin 40 going to earth, I think from memory pins 20 and 60 do as well,I also think there are at least another one or maybe two more earth wires on the EEC1V. Danny
  3. Hi Ian. The injectors have a constant positive feed via the ignition and are switched (pulsed) on the negative side via the ECU. A simple voltage test would determine which route you needed to take to find the fault. i.e constant live feed or no switching from the ECU. If you have a wiring diagram for the ECU make sure you have all the earths connected as I think from memory there are four or five. Danny
  4. You say you have continunity to the injectors, Do you have positive voltage to the injector plug or to the black wire in the D shape plug? Danny
  5. Remove one of the injector plugs, And with a volt meter check if you have a Positive voltage to one of the terminals in the plug (black wire) I think, Do this with both the ignition on and during cranking. If no voltage then check the two D shaped connectors to the rear of the fuel rail. Unplug them and check again at the terminal connected to a black wire in one of the connectors. Hope this helps Danny
  6. Hi Graham, I have no pictures of how it was made and it passed sva no problem. The lower dash had another two layers of ply glued behind the bottom edge and then shaped and rounded off before I coverd it in the foam and leathercloth. The clock surround was made using ply cut to the shape of the capri clock bezel and the holes cut using a fret saw and then sanded the edges. Danny
  7. Here is my attempt using plywood coverd with foam and leather cloth and a set of capri gagues.
  8. Daniel Aldridge


    Hi Graham, Sent you a pm. Danny
  9. Sorry Steve,I ment to ask is it an orange (bosch) cap with a two peice plastic type shroud, If so it may be worth a try with the shroud removed, Easily done once the captive screws holding the cap on are removed, Danny
  10. Is it the type with the dizzy cap mounted on the end of the head with a black plastic two peice cover and held on with three scrws? Danny
  11. You say you got fuel (maybe too much) and I'm assuming you have spark to all four plugs so it should fire on all four cylinders also assuming you have good compression on all four cylinders too? In a previous life I spent best part of twenty years attending customers who started their cars up and turned them off after only running for a short while and started nearly every one in the way i described, Danny p s I stupidly did the same thing to my tin top a few weeks ago (I should have known better)
  12. Hi Steve, Is it injection? If so remove the fuel pump fuse, foot hard down on the gas and crank for a while and hopefully it will fire up and clear it's throat so to speak,obviously not reving too high if it does fire on all four,Replace fuse and crank with a little gas and see what happens, HTH Danny
  13. Daniel Aldridge


    Hi Graham, If you'r using the wasted spark coil pack and the missfire is on numbers 1 & 4 they share the same coil so it may well be the coil pack,I have had the same problem with a mondeo and 2 focus, Hope this helps Danny
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