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    Trying to finish my 2B after a small accident? (parked it up a tree!!!!!!!!!) Well it,s finish for the moment, next the engine mods. Should be a interesting car to!!!!!!!!!<br><br><br>
  1. trigger

    Spark Plug

    Can anyone help!!! :gdit: I'm running a 2,1 with twin 45's, Aldon non-vacum distributor Bosch power coil. The problem is that No4 spark plug keeps fouling up with what looks like carbon? This is driving me nuts as i've tried everything I can think of :boohoo: Any help will be greatly received!!!!
  2. My 2B failed the SVA on the same thing!!!!!! Have you fitted the supplied steering wheel from RH? if so check how free the hub moves on steering column. Quick way to check is to drop of the U/J and see how free it is!
  3. trigger

    Radiator Hoses

    Many thanks for all your help, I've been looking at Merlin brochure and just about to order some hoses!!!!!
  4. trigger

    Radiator Hoses

    Hi Am hoping someone will no the answer to a fairly easy question!! Does anyone know the top and bottom radiator hose diameters, am wanting to move the radiator further forward and I want to fit some flexi convoluted hoses. Thanks
  5. trigger

    Ouch That Hurt

    Well i did manage to get 50hours labour out of the engineer who inspected it!!!!! Paul
  6. trigger

    Ouch That Hurt

    If it was anything like the hassle I had to repair my 2B (parked it up a tree!!!!) good luck, my insurance company finaly decided to pay me ten pounds an hour to repair it!! :gdit: at least I know how the repair is done.. Paul
  7. Give me an idea what sort of information that you are needing I might be able to sort something out for you
  8. Hi, I haven't used one but I would imagine that it is a ressistor to give the ECU a false reading to make the vehicle run richer. Paul
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