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  1. paulrrh2b

    Great Runout

    Same here - Kielder, Carter Back - Great!
  2. Hi Get an old socket and knock it over the locking nut so its a tight fit, undo as normal, throw nuts in bin and purchase 4 new Paul
  3. All the very best for your recovery! Keep it, you'll need to finish it when youve beat it!!!!
  4. So, new bushes delivered car up on lift everything loosened off and discovered that the bushes are not gone but the movement is coming from the hole bush on the nearside outer arm moving. It appears that the hole the bolt goes through is slightly larger allowing movement. So I have tightened the bolt up as tight as I dare, and no more movement. Anyone else had a similar experience. My gut reaction is to drop the rear sub frame a rectify by welding a plate with the correct whole in over the existing. Regards Paul
  5. Thanks - Rally Design seem to be cheap - anyine had any experiences? Paul
  6. Thanks Guys, Whats the best place to buy the bushes? Regards Paul
  7. Thanks guys, What about putting the new bolts in with sub frame in situ? Is it a case of drilling the bodywork? Paul
  8. Hi All, During a drive at the weekend I noticed a knock from the rear end and what could be described as very mild bump steer. On inspection, it appeared that the nearside trailing arm had play in it fro the outer bush. So I am going to replace them on both sides. The rear end is the Sierra set up So two questions: 1. Best place to purchase the new bushes? 2. Is it easier to drop the whole rear sub assembly as the bolt looks tricky to access? Many thanks Paul
  9. Well done looks good! Different from the normal dash layouts!
  10. Hi Guys, I recently refurb'd my front end suspension and hubs. Whilst undecided on a new set up, i just wanted to tidy them up. So, with a good brush with a wire brush and a liberal wash in thinners, I decided to just paint them with smooth black Hammerite. The night before was about minus 4 and after warming the workshop I opened the tin to discover it was as thick as treacle, so I thought I would try a bit any way. Surprisingly, the Hammerite went on well, then set to a mirror smooth finish! I decided to do the whole suspension arms and hubs as an experiment. Fantastic results - looks like they are powder coated! Did the same on the calipers with exactly the same results. I have also tried to remove the paint as part of the experiment and it is set like bell metal and wont budge! Give it a try - if its not cold enough, stick the pot in the fridge! Paul
  11. Just when the old bill are around
  12. Yep, check the capacity first. However mine has the stainless tank and developed a crack around the filler neck. This resulted with a very strong smell of petrol but no visible leak. Eventually I found the problem and with the help of some liquid metal, no more leak. I have a 2.1l Pinto with twin Dellortos and I get around 25 mpg, 15 - 20 if I give it the beans
  13. Yep you'll need a breather from the rocker cover. Possibly modify the chrome one or fit a separate breather from the rocker cover. It's easy enough to drill, just be careful that any protrusion inside doesn't affect the whirring bits!
  14. All, Tries with a 380 CCA battery this morning at minus 8. It turns over faster and starts!! I will leave it a day or so and see what happens. Hopefully that is the end of the saga and I bought / didn't check the CCA on the new battery! I should know better to check the obvious things first!
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