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  1. No probs mark, most of us will be in tin tops.
  2. Hi mark I use to be the area sec for staffs etc. there is a normal group of about 8-10 which will be going this Thursday 12th fen. Meet about 7.30 for food drinks etc, darleston inn on a34. If your up for having a go then Iam sure the lads will be ok me passing on there details etc. we can have a chat Thursday if you want. Cheers Jason.
  3. Well done mark, looking forward to seeing it soon!!
  4. It was last week i sent them as been in Cornwall since Sunday. But why would ant day he can have tickets if he's in France?? Iam sure Stuart will be ok with just turning up.
  5. I sent the main batch out last week and everyone has theirs. Maybe ant has missed them.like i said you will probably be ok as Stuart has a list.
  6. If anyone's ticket hasn't turned up then iam sure Stuart will let you in the gate as he will have a list of vehicles attending.
  7. Steve, sent tickets to ant beginning on week with same batch as everyone else so wouldn't say clerical error more a postage! But thanks for the vote of confidence. i ended my area sec spree of 5 years and got one that text of 'cheers for your help' Jesus! all the meets and Christmases with presents and nowt thanks. cheers all jase + Rach see you around.
  8. Congrats mark! Looking forward to finally meeting up and having a look qt the finished zero!
  9. Hi chaps glad all tickets have arrived, ian as Mitch says head for usual campsite corner. Have fun guys and hope weather is good. I left gazebo with James v8 who might have passed it onto Ron via Steve so you should have the gazebo.....if that all makes sense! sorry Simon forgot to mention i sent your tickets to Mitch as i lost your address! cheers chaps from the sundiwn bar praa sands Cornwall!!
  10. No probs Steve, put the word out so hopefully someone can take it. If not just bear in mind chaps to take some cover incase of rain or searing heat again! our pitch is on the corner on the opposite side to where we were last time. Just opposite from the ice cream van on corner. but its on your ticket and the guys will direct you.
  11. Hi chaps Because of how my summer holidays have fallen with work Iam going to only be able to,make tatton on the Sunday, I,have a gazebo for us to use if there are any volunterers to take it either Friday night or Saturday morning of the show. Iam available this weekend ish for meet or pick up. Pm me if you can help out. It just fits in a passenger footwell onto the seat in a 2b. Cheers Jason.
  12. Hi all I've messages a few of you for your address,if you can get back to me as soon as please. Posting out tickets this week. Cheers
  13. Hi all tickets all here, if you haven't already, pm me your address so i can post out to you. Will do the same as before, ie, i will send Mitch, Andy, Pete tickets to Simon etc. cheers chaps jase
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