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  1. My exmo is going for some major surgery to the bodywork over the winter months and I am trying to locate a range of louvered vents which could be used to side vent the bonnet. Anybody know of any sources? Chris
  2. chrisg

    Weber Carb.

    Sure have. There is one sitting on the garage floor complete with manifold and filter as I write this. If you want to give me a call try me at home (Lincoln) on 01522 689302. Best Wishes Chris
  3. chrisg

    For Sale

    Set of four Dellorto Trumpets 40/14 DHLA for sale, surplus to requirements. Never been used (still have invoice from Rally Design Ltd) £30.00 the set plus £6 p&p
  4. chrisg


    Louvered Exmo bonnet wanted
  5. When I get around to fitting the twin 40's it will leave a nice big rond hole in the top of the bonnet where the K&N on my 32/36 used to poke through. Rather than go to the drastic expense of a nw paint job at this point of time does anyone know who stocks different variety of grills that I might use to cover the hole?
  6. chrisg


    Does anyone know where I can get a set of ram pipe air filter socks for my twin 40 Dellortos?
  7. chrisg

    Twin 40 Dellortos

    I have at last managed to secure a pair of twin 40 Dellortos for my Exmo. Before I start to have a look at fitting them has anyone else fitted these to an Exmo and do I have to chop the bonnet or chassis around to get them in? I would appreciate any info. Chris
  8. chrisg


    No I don not beleive it will. When I bought my exmo I got a nearly new 32/36 but when attemting to fit it found that the manifold was too small andobviously off a 1600. Hope this helps.
  9. chrisg


    Greg Thanks for this. Do you know whee te details are on the web? Best Wishes Chris
  10. chrisg


    I have been giving some thought to a possible winter project to change in total the front suspension set up on my Exmo. The current system is not great and it seems unlikely that replacement front struts will be available in the future. I wonder if anyone else with an Exmo has gone to the extreme limits by replacing in total the current set up and with what, what cost, and how technically painful? Any advice or thoughts wouls be much appreciated.
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