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    Wheely good builder!
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    S7 (ser 3) gone.. now have 2B Zetec
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    Cars (ex Lotus Senior Inspector(Road Test))<br />Bikes (now sadly had to give up)<br />Playing Guitar<br />All motorsports
  1. I have a pair of the real things you are welcome to borrow. I am in Easton on the western side of Norwich. You can drop me a line at: bob.rowell69@tiscali.co.uk
  2. Can't see anything wrong with driving the 2b with the hood on, and getting in is easy. Mind you I'm a short**se, and I used to drive amoured cars and tanks.
  3. Bob Rowell

    New Cam

    Keith if you want a standard Ford cam, with rockers, springs, spraybar etc I have one here that's only done 800 miles before I changed it for a Piper set up. Yours for the cost of postage, or collection if you prefer.
  4. Bob Rowell


    I have the prop I've just taken from my 2B Pinto/type 9 box. I am in the process of changing to a Zetec, so I need a standard prop to modify. Do you have a standard prop? pm me.
  5. Steve, I checked my boxes of 'bits' and the only rear dampers are the Sierra ones, sorry. I do have several front coilovers (if you need some) - one pair are new!
  6. I'll check tomorrow Steve, sure I've got some that I took off my car - only done 6 - 700 miles
  7. Bob Rowell

    Demist Vents

    Has anyone got a pair of demist vents lying around, that they would like to swap for some beer tokens? thanks Bob
  8. Hi Col, Is your dash like the att pic? if so, I am intending to make a white face set in the New Year. Just send me a reminder. Bob
  9. Col and Phil, This is the finished article. If you want a copy of the graphic, just send me an e-mail direct, so I can send you a better resolution pic. bob.rowell69@tiscali.co.uk
  10. Hi Col, I made my own white faces for the clocks, came out very well (even if I do say so myself) I printed them onto normal semi-matt photo paper, then used spray glue to fix them over the old faces. Once they're firmly fixed cutting out the number slots etc is quite easy. I will try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.
  11. Looks ok - but has he got any of these ? essential for outdoor barby's
  12. I used OMP Eco seats. Nice fit, but bit of a squeeze for passenger side - it's narrower!
  13. Bob Rowell


    I moved the pedals on my last RH (an S7) but the 2B is not quite so easy. I've moved them as far as possible, but I still need another 2" or so (but then don't we all) Thanks for the guide to EBay, I had missed those, but I would prefer something not so basic looking. Cheers, Bob
  14. Bob Rowell


    Has anyone got a pair of Roadster 7 (or similar) seats to sell, preferably with red piping. ? Being rather short in the leg, my super duper reclining rally seats won't go far enough forward for me to reach the pedals comfortably.
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