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  1. I have a pair of the real things you are welcome to borrow. I am in Easton on the western side of Norwich. You can drop me a line at: bob.rowell69@tiscali.co.uk
  2. Can't see anything wrong with driving the 2b with the hood on, and getting in is easy. Mind you I'm a short**se, and I used to drive amoured cars and tanks.
  3. Bob Rowell

    New Cam

    Keith if you want a standard Ford cam, with rockers, springs, spraybar etc I have one here that's only done 800 miles before I changed it for a Piper set up. Yours for the cost of postage, or collection if you prefer.
  4. Bob Rowell


    I have the prop I've just taken from my 2B Pinto/type 9 box. I am in the process of changing to a Zetec, so I need a standard prop to modify. Do you have a standard prop? pm me.
  5. Steve, I checked my boxes of 'bits' and the only rear dampers are the Sierra ones, sorry. I do have several front coilovers (if you need some) - one pair are new!
  6. I'll check tomorrow Steve, sure I've got some that I took off my car - only done 6 - 700 miles
  7. Bob Rowell

    Demist Vents

    Has anyone got a pair of demist vents lying around, that they would like to swap for some beer tokens? thanks Bob
  8. Hi Col, Is your dash like the att pic? if so, I am intending to make a white face set in the New Year. Just send me a reminder. Bob
  9. Col and Phil, This is the finished article. If you want a copy of the graphic, just send me an e-mail direct, so I can send you a better resolution pic. bob.rowell69@tiscali.co.uk
  10. Hi Col, I made my own white faces for the clocks, came out very well (even if I do say so myself) I printed them onto normal semi-matt photo paper, then used spray glue to fix them over the old faces. Once they're firmly fixed cutting out the number slots etc is quite easy. I will try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.
  11. Looks ok - but has he got any of these ? essential for outdoor barby's
  12. I used OMP Eco seats. Nice fit, but bit of a squeeze for passenger side - it's narrower!
  13. Bob Rowell


    I moved the pedals on my last RH (an S7) but the 2B is not quite so easy. I've moved them as far as possible, but I still need another 2" or so (but then don't we all) Thanks for the guide to EBay, I had missed those, but I would prefer something not so basic looking. Cheers, Bob
  14. Bob Rowell


    Has anyone got a pair of Roadster 7 (or similar) seats to sell, preferably with red piping. ? Being rather short in the leg, my super duper reclining rally seats won't go far enough forward for me to reach the pedals comfortably.
  15. Bob Rowell


    Thanks Stef, I'll keep a look out for a spare tacho - but does your reply mean I have to wait 2 years before fixing it?
  16. Bob Rowell


    After my engine has run for for about 30/40 seconds the tacho needle starts to fluctuate wildly, bouncing around between 1000 and 6000 rpm. The engine runs normally, idles correctly etc, just doesn't want the tacho to know what it's doing. I did a 90+ miles run last weekend, the problem was there constantly. I have removed and refitted all the connections I can find, including battery terminals, but still the same. I am sure I have seen this symptom before, many years ago, but with my senior memory I can't remember where or when or how I fixed it (if indeed I did) Help !!
  17. Robert, I had similar problems with my S3 overheating. The answer was to fit a Metro header tank, with the bottom two pipes connected into the manifold water hose. I then removed the spring etc from my radiator cap, making it just a plain cap, and ran a small bore hose from the rad overflow into the top pipe of the header tank. This makes the whole system pressurise to the cap rating on header tank (higher pressure = higher boiling point) My car used to empty most of it's water after 20 miles running and always overheated. I did 3000+ miles after carrying out this mod and it did not overheat even once. Finally, don't forget to run a sensible anti-freeze mixture to raise the boiling point and give more efficient cooling.
  18. I need a full set of wet weather gear for my newly acquired 2B. Any offers?
  19. This is a fascinating discussion, and I must admit that my view has swung one way then the other while reading the various comments. I am also a high mileage driver, usually covering 50-80,000 miles each year. Like others I have seen sights that make me shudder - like the bus driver a couple of weeks ago- negotiating a roundabout, steering one-handed, and talking on his mobile. His bus was completely full of passengers...scary The company I work for has a very clear statement in the contract of every employee 'you MUST NOT use a mobile phone whilst driving, this applies to both hand held and hands free equipment. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action'. Maybe other companies need to consider something similar?
  20. always worked for me - I believe that women were put on this earth to deal with things that we don't fully understand - like children. We men are only equipped to relate to children who are old enough to buy a round.
  21. Dedication, true dedication - fits all that work round the important matter of drinking time - A real Hoodie HERO !
  22. Steve, any good car accessory shop will have reducers. Failing that SCA in Norwich, Demon Tweeks etc do them.
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