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  1. Hi Al what fabric? pvc ,canvas or mohair
  2. Hi seek out Chris at Barry Roberts on Hallcroft Ind Est Retford best of many I know !!!
  3. Ignore comments above contact Tiger direct they made the bloody thing!!!!!!
  4. Sorry we will not be there family birth day thrash !
  5. As above, like the new lay out !!!!
  6. Will be there Its our monthly night out!
  7. Clark -Moss-Hill-Ireland -Hamilton and many more all in different cars whos to say ? there are many more to add
  8. Renovo works realy well,cleaner and proofer
  9. Probably one of your better ideas keep well!!
  10. Hi chris Mazda in body shop for sill repairs ,should have it back Sat morning [was partly expected] otherwise great. pity about Rich feild they made quality seats . take care mick
  11. Hi Chris google Richfeild seats in Nottingham superb quality and good prices mick
  12. mower man

    2.0 Pinto Cam

    Google Newman cams I used one on my mono car stage 2 brilliant
  13. Will be there! in tintop ,Mazda having surgery!!!!
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