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  1. Ok cheers for the reply aprichiate it
  2. But are you all happy I would say no as had a few messages today off members saying how glad they are that I have pointed out and made comments about certain things
  3. Yea i have been a member of many of clubs, run clubs and forums for years thanks. Not sure where you get I'm. Having a tantrum from I'm just airing my views but guess it's not freedom of speech here then ?
  4. Again this is madness in this day and age that non members are treated like this and to read this constitution u need to be a paid up member to which. I'm not
  5. Like I said don't see how I'm not allowed to get involved unless I pay another year's membership that I only paid last October. Plus I can't see how 7 people decide on what happens or doesn't happen with regards to the club that has a few hundred paid members??
  6. Take it that's a joke yea ?
  7. Well just by one post made today I have brought the forum to life, but all joking a side if you want non members to be involved comments like this are just silly, you are saying as non members we don't have a voice or a brain ? I go back to the reason I made this post and that is I paid full membership fee for couple months membership how is the is right?
  8. But these non members are who will move the club forward each year and the cost you are paying to run the forum are way over the top sorry to say
  9. So really it's a popularity vote on the day then, as not all the paid members will attend the show I'm. Taking it so won't get a vote on who gets what role, so now in reality your ignoring non payed members and paid members who can't make it on the day then? Again not trying to cause arguments but it's not run correctly is it ??
  10. So if 2 or more go for the sake role and its a vote on the day who decides who gets it then, the rest of the committee or the paid members there on the day??
  11. Can one of the committee comment with how many new paying members you have gained over the last couple years? Be interested to see how many new members your gaining a year or is it just the same members sticking by the site
  12. Well I can honestly say this is just silly, you are saying that unless you pay £20 you have no voice, any non members will surely be reading this thinking what the hell at least I would be.
  13. So only members can nominate or be nominated then? As by what I have just read onky members can make suggestions to be brought up at the agm? So of this is the case again how I read it all you are basically saying non members are not welcome?
  14. So out of these have you received nominations for all the roles to be covered after May as per CMA post above?
  15. Umm this seems to be getting stranger by the min to me, don't see if the changes are not gonna happen till after the agm then why have the old committee made any decisions in the first place. Also don't really understand why there are so many committee members? And those members are not active on here or make there presence know on here, how many committee members are there exactly?And what are there roles.
  16. Ok not sure if it's me being thick or reading it wrong but you have said the changes have been agreed on ? But in your last post you have said agreed changes should be held off so that the people taking on those roles have a say in the changes ? So the changes have not been agreed on or they have but who ever takes on the new roles can change them again is that what you are saying Sorry like I said maymay be reading it wrong
  17. So the current committee have decided on some changes, but are. Waiting till the new committee are in place ? So does this mean in the hand over that all decisions by old will have to be upheld by the new committee, seems a little strange to me the way to go about it, if the decision has been made simply announce it now why wait another couple months ?
  18. That would be more hassle to run than just running 12 months from the date u join if u ask me, it may have been done in the past and successfully, but juat make it easy 12 months from payment date.
  19. Yes it's public Richard as I can no longer see the restricted forums as no longer a paid member after such a short time. As you say seem to be an ideal time to make a decision on this so non members that may be thinking the same as me why join and not get a full year to see the outcome
  20. Hi Think you may have hit the nail on the head there, not sure how many are on the committee, but so far only 2 have messaged me asking if they can help or advised me on what to do for the best, to me when I used to run clubs and sites you allways tried to get the most active members on the admin team so the site is monitored as much as possible yes everyone has there day to day lives to live I get that but 5 mins out of the day isn't much to ask. I agree I have shad a lot of good advice over last few months with my kit via some members on here and I'm sure that will continue if I'm a paid up member or not.
  21. To be honest it looks from what I have seen to be stuck in time, and the people on power on the committee don't talk to each other, and as I said before why would I want to spend another £20 for only 7 months membership now. Would love to know where all the money is spent or not as the case may be as to me there must be a big pot of it sitting there doing. Nothing, perhaps who ever is in charge of that could message me. And tell me or even better show me where its all going as by the looks of things it's not on the members?
  22. Cheers for the reply, not getting wound up over it at all. It is what it is I guess and I can't change how the club is run just seems odd way to do it in this day and age, I have run many of clubs and forums over the years with the biggest at 10k members and it was run as I stated above membership for 12 months the day u pay not how this is run. Just to me it does not make sense to limit your membership numbers as this is what will/is happening I would say
  23. Cheers for the reply, I see the above message now but can honestly say at the time of paying I never see it once or I would not have paid the money for just a few weeks of membership, not saying it was not there, yes it's in red again it sure if this was the case when I paid, but in this day and age you could have a pop up box/message to say you will be paying the fee for less than 12 months cover. As you have said it may have allways been done this way but that doesn't mean it's the correct way in this day and age where people. Like to get the most of there money when they spend
  24. Hi Hopefully the powers that be will see this as I have messaged a few about it now but no reply or they need help from other admin, I joined as member last year on October 15th, back then I never realised that membership does not run for a year from when u pay your fee onky found this out last month when I tried to click on one of the protected forums on here and it said I don't have access to it, nor can I remember it stating that when I paid via PayPal. If I would have know I would not have joined as I have now paid the members fee for just over a month of membership how can this be right ? Surely if you join so late in the year you shouldn't pay the full amount, and why does memberships run from December to December or Jan to Jan what ever it is ? Why not a year from the join date as per nearly every other club out there kit car related or not. There is more than enough admin with in the group to make this happen isn't there ? Surely the current way (very old fashioned) is/will put a lot of potential new members off if they only come across the forum later in the year, they will juat think I will wait till next year as I'm losing out. Yes it's only a small amount of money but it's more the principle I think of it. This has put me off paying for anymore memberships as I feel I have been robbed for last years as only got just over months membership for my fee. so why should u have to pay again for this year and again not realised till march so would only get 7 months anyway. If any admin can message me about it or reply in here to answer a few if the above comments I would aprichiate it, don't mins sending my number to anyone who wants to talk it over via phone
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