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  1. roverT

    Failed At Manchester

    Dave Looks like a good test you should pass next time with no problems. The engine number is on the front of the block usually visible from the offside of the car. I coloured mine with paint to make it easier to read but its still difficult. Good luck with the next test Trev.
  2. For all those who love the cars that raced at Lemans between 1923 and 1979. This time on the Full not the Indy. circuit the Classic Lemans. The dates are 11th, 12th and 13th July 2008. This is just an initial note to see how many would be interested. The plan is to run it through the club in much the same way as the present Lemans trip. The exception being that there would be a general itinerary that can be followed or not depending on you choice. It will not be purely kit cars as quite a few of the club members do not currently have kits or are still building. The plan is roughly ferry Wednesday and overnight stop. On site Thursday. I hope to organize a meal during our stay either Thursday or Friday evening. Return via Paris with two nights, Monday and Tuesday, at the Bois de Boulogne camp site in the centre of Paris. Return ferry Wednesday Camping at Classic Lemans has in past years been at Maison Blanche. If you are interested please PM me so I can get a feel for numbers.
  3. Andrew I have attached a Powerpoint showing the Sierra to mini wiper wiring it works on my car with no problem including intermittent Hope it helps Trev Mini_wiper_motor_wiring.ppt
  4. roverT

    2b Dohc

    Car now sold.
  5. roverT

    2b Dohc

    Price dropped see ad
  6. roverT

    2b Dohc

    NEW PRICE This car was built by me over 18months whilst I was retired. SVA 2005 Taxed & Tested (not a DVLA req.) till Oct 2007. Super spec. type chassis. Lift off bonnet with separate scuttle. Built to a very high standard. All bolted construction with stainless steel bolts no pop rivets. Lots of build pictures. Correctly registered as Robin Hood with age related plate. Cycle wings in Red GRP with matching roll bar and side flashes Front wishbone suspension. Rear suspension as Super spec. Rear suspension poly bushed. Hub carriers have Cosworth size bearings. Brakes servo assisted with discs all round. New discs, calipers, pads, brake bias valve and master cylinder fitted prior to SVA. 2.0 Ltr DOHC engine with MT75 gearbox. Stainless 4 into 1 exhaust with graphite heat wrapping. Ally Fabs petrol tank 25ltr. Petrol gauge works correctly. New battery with isolator switch. VG loom with additional fuses. All joints soldered, tied and shrink wrapped. Halogen head lights. Twin high intensity rear lights and twin reversing lights. Fully trimmed cockpit, with courtesy lights, and boot (lockable). Side screens, surrey top and detachable rear rack. Corbeau seats, adjustable drivers seat. Dry miles only. Always garaged Built to be reliable and used. 1600 mile round trip to Le Mans last year without a hitch. Spare body side panels also silver top 2ltr Zetec (25,000 since rebuild) and MT75 gearbox. Tel. 07971 696217 trevor@cercle.co.uk Belper, Derbyshire £5,125 o.n.o. See http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j294/Rover-t/? Copy and past the URL into your browser there are 16 images
  7. roverT

    40gb Ide Hdd

    Graham I am interested in buying four hard drives if you still have them. Could you let me know how much including postage please Regards Trevor
  8. olivier According to my MAC issued when my car a 2B DOHC was SVA'd with full fuel tank, all fluids and windscreen etc it weighed axle 1 = 450kg axle 2 = 550kg which are actually the design weights. The actual weights of the car from the SVA Brake/Weight calculation are axle 1 = 392kg axle 2 = 420kg an all up weight of 812kg Regards Trevor
  9. roverT

    Dohc Engine

    Jim I would like the ECU please if you have it. Let me know how much the postage is. I will email you my address etc. regards Trevor
  10. roverT

    Dohc Flywheel

    Gareth It's probably me you have seen around Belper. I have a 2B DOHC in red and I live in Openwoodgate. Drop me an email or PM and we can meet up. Trev.
  11. roverT

    2b Dohc For Sale

    2B DOHC FOR TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW PROJECT Cycle Wings in Red GRP with matching roll Bar and side flash Stainless steel space frame chassis with Super Spec type rear suspension location Front wishbone suspension Rear suspension Poly bushed. ABS type rear bearing carrier (Cosworth size bearings) Discs all round with new brake discs, Callipers and Master cylinder. 2 ltr. Ford DOHC injection engine and MT75 gearbox Allyfabs aluminium fuel tank (30ltr) Fully trimmed cockpit and fully trimmed lockable boot Corbeau seats, adjustable driver’s seat New battery 4 into 1 RH stainless steel exhaust VG loom with additional fuses. All wiring joints soldered, tied and shrink wrapped Halogen headlights Twin High intensity rear and reversing lights Full side screens (not R.H) Surry top (not R.H) Rear rack (not R.H) Battery isolation switch SVA Oct 2005 M.O.T. till Oct 2006 app. 2,000 miles since SVA including 1600 mile trouble free round trip to Le Mans. Dry miles only. Always garaged. Some spares including Servo, Two Un-fitted side panels £6,125 ono see http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j294/Rov...binHood0001.jpg to 0014.jpg TEL 07971 696217 Located Belper, Derby
  12. I know just how you feel. I eventually had to send my form in because of an approaching deadline, I was hoping to go to Le Mans last year. In the end I had to postpone the test twice before eventually getting there in Sept, only 4months late, and passing at the second attempt. The SVA stations, at Derby, were very good and didn’t charge me for the missed tests. I did however let them know in good time when I cancelled. When you send in the form it certainly cranks up the pressure to finish but you’ve got to do it some time. Remember the sun will eventually come out again and you we will be ready to enjoy it with your car on the road. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE !
  13. roverT

    Chassis Number

    I also spoke to my local DVLA (Nottingham) who provided me with the chassis number. They are not keen on own grown numbers so discourage the practice. They also sent me the form to get the chassis number verified by an MOT/SVA tester which saved any problem at car registration. However as ‘enforcer’ says check with your local DVLA and SVA test centre as rules and verification seem to very depending on local flavour.
  14. roverT

    Side Repeaters

    SVA requirement is 350mm min to the lowest point on the lens from ground level. I mounted my side repeaters in the triangle of the windscreen support and passed SVA without comment Trevor
  15. roverT


    Well done. Pleased to see you found an alternative to the bias valve that works and is at the right price!
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