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  1. Calvert

    Dark Blue Vinyl

    Try Segal Motor Trimmings on Black Friars in manchester off trinity way
  2. Calvert


    Not sure what this means "Chav boyz on patrol" hope it wasnt aimed at my previous post??? any one want to elaborate? If you ring dorotapes and tell them what cutter you have and what width of vinyl it will take then they are more than happy to help. Ask them to send you a brochure or sample pack.... the range is massive.
  3. Calvert


    Vinyl is easy to get hold of just contact DOROTAPES. http://www.dorotape.co.uk/ Also try these guys I got my decals from there for my minimoto. Brilliant. http://www.motorbike-graphics.co.uk Oh and yes that my suzuki rizla minimoto on the fron page!!
  4. Calvert

    Rhe Pinto Exhaust System

    I presume you are talking to me when you say update yourself? I have no PM messages and I'm unsure what you mean when you say update... if you dont mean me then..... ignore last two lines!!!
  5. Can someone please help. I have a load of nut covers and wondered.... do all the nuts and bolts underneath the car need to be cut down and covered?
  6. Calvert

    Rhe Pinto Exhaust System

    I might be interested in this.... mine has been stood and is very loud can you contact me thanks thanks chris
  7. Calvert

    Kit Car Finishers

    Anyone know of any north west based firms..... cost me a fortune to get it down there!!
  8. Calvert

    Kit Car Finishers

    Added my Location, I'm in manchester. Could anyone give me contact details for anybody who might take this on? Thanks Chris
  9. Calvert

    Kit Car Finishers

    :boohoo: Hi, I bought a near complete 2b from a seller in Buxton about a year ago. I have done small jobs on it but it needs finishing. I love it and want to keep it but i havent got the time to finish it. Are there any companys which will take on the rest of the project finish it sva it and get me on the road? If so what do they charge? I need it ready for spring. Thanks
  10. Calvert

    Exhaust Heat Shield

    Can some one tell me who RS Jig Tec are???
  11. Calvert

    Exhaust Heat Shield

    A bit expensive but europa spare do one for £60 very tidy chrome jobby. SVA approved. Thinkin about one myself
  12. Calvert


    Right thanks on the alloy wheel question...... As mine hasnt got to SVA stage yet....Im a little worried about the exhaust. I think its the standard 4-2-silencer. And boy is it loud!!!! Is there anyway the Db's can be checked B4 i do the SVA. ???? Chris
  13. Calvert

    Alloy Wheels

    Hi, I just bought a nearly complete 2B. According to the invoice it has the wide arches. Can you tell me the Alloy wheel size i require and also what is the maximum i can fit in cluding Low profiles. Cheers Chris chris.calvert99@btopenworld.com