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  1. Fill the pump with vaseline and it will be ready for the start up. i,ve done this on numerous V8's in the past and also on my Pinto. It primed straight away after a year lay up. The vaseline will be dissolved by the oil as soon as it hits it. Use it on cams as well. Don't use any form of grease, it will prevent the oil getting to the critical parts.
  2. grahamdale5

    Dizzy Wanted

    I have a complete set up if you want it. I only want postage and a pint. Send me a PM or call 07887 554434
  3. Are you sure it is fuel related and not just your coil overheating?
  4. Don't know how much, but won't be selling it until nearer the end of my build.
  5. grahamdale5


    I've just had some parts chromed by RS Chrome. They are very well polished and very good value at £230+Vat for the lot. Recommended if anyone is thinking of doing the same. Contact them on RS CHROME SHOP [rschromeshop@gmail.com]. I'd better get on with the kitchen now!
  6. I have a fuel filler pipe from an 88 2 litre gia if you want it. Send me a pm with your details and I'll pop it in the post for you.
  7. Not a hood topic by any means, but does anyone know of a northants company that does gas conversions?
  8. Just a thought, but have you got the correct flasher unit? Rated for 4x21w. Some older versions were only rated for two lamps and used a seperate unit for the hazards.
  9. I had this on an old sierra years ago. F plate if memory serves. It was caused by poor conductivity between the throttle stop screw and adjuster plate. If this is the same as yours, and I could probably tell from a phooto, try using emery cloth between the surfaces. This worked for me. The ECU uses this contact surface as an input to tell the throttle position, very crude and doesn't like not being used for a while. Let me know
  10. Thanks Derek, I can see how you have done it. Maybe I'll have a go next weekend.
  11. You could try a free resizer http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx Thanks for the help so far. Any more Photos?
  12. There are lots of articles around about fitting the sude panels, but I still have a question. How do the panels fit with the support angle underneath. Could a few of you post some pictures for me?
  13. grahamdale5


    I have incorporated the wiring in my loom but the main problem is that the 'servo' assembly is too tall to fit under the bonnet. Just sold the lot on e-bay to stop me thinking----if only!
  14. I contacted the supplier, he doesn't know either. Probably not worth the risk before SVA, but they do look good. And thanks for the input above guys.
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