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  1. Hello All

    I hope I am still allowed to post on here.


    The family of one of our long time members and regular attender in the Thames Valley Days, have asked me to post this announcement for them.................



    Terry Barry, a keen Robin Hood enthusiast and member of the Rhocar forum, died peacefully last week at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham. Should any members of the forum wish to attend his funeral, the details are as follows. Terry's funeral will take place at
    The Park Crematorium, Aldershot, on
    December 19 at 1215pm.
    Wake TBC.
    Donations may be made in his memory to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.
    Many thanks, The Barry Family.




    RIP Terry,

  2. You're right guys. i shoudn't have been doing it.


    and I wasn't even trying to go fast. I was moving off from a rural junction in a stream of cars all doing the same thing fairly sedately.



    I've no excuse the law is the law.


    I suppose my peeve is that they already give a degree of leniency and allowance for innaccuracy by setting plus 10 percent and plus 2 mph as the prosecution level, in my case 35. and i was only 1 over that.


    Still, hands up. I done it.


    Now booked for my driver awareness day.

  3. having just been zapped at 36 in a 30, I read the paperwork which told me the criteria for prosecution is the speed limit plus 10 percent plus 2mph.

    In my case I'm 1 over and feel a bit peeved, but going to court and losing will be far too costly and the penalty more severe.


    I'm going on the naughty boy course , what a great 65th birthday present to myself.


    Oh, and your mate is a complete idiot to take such a big risk.

  4. Hello Ian

    I checked on it earlier out of curiosity and saw it was sorned, and got the 'Urge'.

    My other toys are nearly all gone now and the return to a bit of raw driving again now I'm retired has a lot of appeal. I dont want to build again from scratch, and a lot of my blood and sweat still decorates 'Smokey'.

    Nothing else has been able to replace the grin, the smell, the feel and the pride of driving my own 2b.

    Reunited might be good for us both.

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  5. Can anyone help trace my 2b please ?

    Its easy to identify, the number is B2 RHE


    The gentleman I sold it to in 2009 lives in Oxford and I've lost his details. He doesn't seem to be on here either. I think his name is Graham Jones.


    there is now room for Old Smokey to come home again, and I need to see him and chat to the present owner about ..................


    Also there is no Area Sec for the Thames Valley.....................(My old role ).


    Any help appreciated :)



    Once a hoody always a hoody



  6. Piddy

    My car was the prototype for the GBS conversion and they did it at the factory.

    There 's more to it than wishbones. I remember having to have a different rack and hubs, plus I requested an extra strut across the top of the chassis for strength.

    All in, it was a brilliant conversion and really changed the performance of the car.


    I dont have it now, and the memory isn't so good , so I hope you don't ask me any hard questions, but if you want my opinion as to whether you should convert your sliding pillar the way mine was done, I say undoubtedly go for it.

    I don't know what they charge these days for the parts or for the full job.





  7. Goodworth Clatford............ what a lovely Hampshire name.

    We'd like to see you all again, and where is the place nearby for afternoon tea ? Would it be that address my sat nav couldn't find

    and there was no cellphone coverage ?


    Can I get hardstanding and EHU for a couple of nights, plus a drive in Hood ?


    ( just noticed I passed my 1000 posts )

  8. Hi Terry, its the knuckles that have had most damage, and thankfully not the head, well so far at least. Our side are prolific real ale drinkers so the head gets a bashing from the inside regularly.


    Its certainly a few years since seeing your build, and dare I say its beginning to look like you actually meant that comment about using it as your gun carriage one day ?


    Hoping you are keeping well these days.



  9. Is it the build you miss or the car?


    by which I mean - depending on the nostalgia the solution is probably different...



    I think its the car, Richard.

    I dont fancy another full build, been there done that etc, but then there is Matt Moos car in need of a finish, and that nice Mr Barry has still not got there. ( as far as I know ).


    Its the joy behind the wheel that is missing.


    Pete, the big cats are for sale.

    Bob, driving the palace like a Hood only results in pots and pans everywhere, and a persistent whine from the environs of the passenger seat.



  10. Help me someone


    What does a chap do when he misses the car he built, and now, many years later, would like to have it back again ???


    Is it silly nostagia


    Is it too many wines,


    or is it the need to get back behind the wheel with the wind in yer hair, the mix of oil and Co2 in yer lungs and that warm feeling below the waist from being so close to the transmission ??


    Where are you now , Smokey ????

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