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  1. john

    2b For Sale

    [ hey chris, isnt it a *bleep*e feeling watching the car you built being driven away, !!!!!!!!!!! ] I know that feeling Chris. but its nice when the lads let you drive theirs occasionally. ( thanks TVH )
  2. john

    Engine Hoist

    Ive got one that will suspend from your garage roof, but it's not the mobile type. RG10 John
  3. Hi I can't post in the for sale section, but as a past hoody and area sec I hope you will forgive me taking this liberty. My son has a Mondeo ST200 looking for a new home. The engine is fine but the alternator is U/S. He doesn't want much for it and if I still had dear 'old smokey' I'd be tempted to put the V6 in it. email me if you want to know more, and if Matt or the mods pull this message for breaking the rules, then I apologise in advance. Happy New Year to you all, John
  4. hi Bob singles will be fine. Get well soon and happy New Year to you and yours. John
  5. Hi Bob I could use 6x 5ft doubles if you have any.
  6. john

    Tvh Monthly Meeting

    anyway Chris, when are you going to edit your signature ??? ??
  7. john

    Tvh Monthly Meeting

    Chris , Well done to you and Becks for your turn of office as Area Sec. I know you have gone on to higher office, so good luck with that too. There's quite a list of past AS's from the Oxon/TV region, ........... you are now one of us, welcome to the gang ! None of us has really gone, we just have bigger toys ! Oh and I see that really nice bloke Mr Barry is still posting................will the new area sec please come up with a way of getting him to finish that car ? John
  8. I'm in Berks and built mine a few years ago. Give me a PM for a chat. John
  9. On reflection,Graham, I think it was all the ET activity down in that area. My own satnav played up more than once and on the way home tried to take us down a very narrow route, but I was too clever for it.................I stopped and asked a local.!!!! Thank you all for a fun weekend, good company, nice long ride out for me again in a 2B,very enjoyable. Hoo ahah Haa aha Hoo Hoo Haaa Rolf.
  10. ok food both nights for us too ( we'll give the butler the weekend off !) looking forward to seeing you all
  11. We're interested Bob. I assume you mean Saturday evening ? The Glampers
  12. john

    Quay For My Car

    If only I had an open top, Bob
  13. john

    Sad News

    So sorry to hear that Pete. Love from Chris and John
  14. Ratchet strap in the portaloo , Bob !! OMG. didnt notice it last year, I must say, but does that mean there will be CURRY served ??
  15. have they got leccy hook ups Chris ? John
  16. 2 for Benny and Agnetha please.
  17. Hi Chris Accomodation now sorted. We'll be there the whole weekend. John and Christine.
  18. john

    New Log Book

    I got one recently too, the accompanying note said they are replacing all over the next 12 months,
  19. Will do Chris You can't keep a dancing queen down for long !!!
  20. Interesting Chris ! Had to postpone tonights gig, as Agnetha has lost her voice, really bad. Still, means the house is quiet today :cray:
  21. Hi Chris Hope to be along after the meal this time. John
  22. Thank you all for making us welcome again today. Lovely afternoon in the sunshine.......makes a man want to own a hood....
  23. john

    W L A C Members Day

    We are indeed two we hope ......... Ooooo those carbs are running soooo sweet now , all set by hear, smell and touch, not a guage anywhere near. Genius. Thats how it is when you're retired !!
  24. john

    W L A C Members Day

    We have 2 tickets. so look forward to seeing you all there,
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