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  1. Hi again, we 4 are all sitting here reading the replies. Had a great time , thanks to you all. Hoodies know how to enjoy themselves, and Hole in the Bucket will never be as good as it was in your kitchen , Bob and Sylvia !! :friends: A4Abba ( Weddings , funerals, and barmitsers catered for )
  2. Hi Steve and all who were there on Saturday. A big thanks to Bob and Sylvia, their family, and all the helpers who made it such a well run weekend. It was nice to meet up with you again,''once a hoodie ....etc etc .'' I think we were lucky with the weather, just one short shower ( thanks to those who spotted the need to cover some electrics when that happened ). The valet parking was an unexpected bonus, thanks ! and Chris had fun on the archery too. Regards to all Happy Hooding A4Abba.
  3. I think I may have one somewhere, are you still in need of one ?
  4. Please send me two weekend tickets for Will and Susie, who are bringing a caravan Thanks John
  5. You could be right Chris, that was before they became famous and went global though. They did a brill concert a couple of weeks ago, too. We were there.
  6. Bjorn, Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny. :clapping: :clapping:
  7. I like the picture of hoods at a previous Wheels Day. Who's the guy in the yellow Rhocar baseball cap then ??
  8. I like the Blog, well done !
  9. We'll be bringing two friends along too..
  10. '' Hope you will be wearing your party best John '' We certainly will Chris, be prepared , its eye popping !! ;) AND I shall expect front page on the club mag !! Dont forget your party wigs , everyone :clapping:
  11. john

    New Toy

    I got Pete. Whats yours Graham.?
  12. john

    New Toy

    Hi pete, I'm on it send me your address. John
  13. Thank you for organising a great Christmas meal, and such a sunny day for it. A pleasure for us to meet the new and the familiar faces now in the Thames Valley Group, after our long absence. Chris and I enjoyed the day and the memories of what fun we had with Old Smokey, Keep up the good work Chris and Becks, and good luck to the region for next year, Happy Christmas everyone ! John and Christine.
  14. john

    March Tvh Meeting

    Chris. have you seen who's on at that pub on the night of the 27th ?????
  15. john

    March Tvh Meeting

    Chris We've booked the village hall for a little rehearsal of you know what on that day. Yes, we are going for it and have a new website that will be loaded up with pics and stuff soon. Will send you the link. Have a good day, regards to all. J and C.
  16. john

    What Do You Do?

    35 years in manufacturing , after getting degree plus 5 yr apprenticeship in mechanical engineering. mainly pistons and rings and other engine parts for AE as it was then. Four redundancies meant getting on the bike and moving around the country to find the next post, finished in 2003 when the yanks bought and stripped the aerospace company I was head of (part of Smiths ). Now on the River Thames lockkeeping, working for the Environment Agency, part of the great nanny state that ticks boxes, pumps you with H&S and diversity, and treats you like you have no head. Fed up, wasted all my hard learning, and experience, gutted that so much of our inventive and manufacturing talent is on the scrapheap and the big UK selloff goes on relentlessly. could they even sell the River ???? Kids gone , so we are born again teenagers, party every week and just formed an abba tribute band.... Intend to retire at the first opportunity, or do something outrageous..............or both !
  17. thanx Graham. I plan to leave it there while its working ok, even if it is not the most efficient. How many years should I expect out of the heat exchanger ? Its run every day for 16 years so it been kept flowing etc. Might rebuild instead of replace if spares are still good. Cheers John
  18. I've dropped the presssures on my Focus to 20psi. made a huge difference.
  19. I was thinking it must soon be time to replace my 18 year old Potterton Profile, and expect to save some money on run costs. I'm not so sure after reading this !! Plus my neighbour has had lots of probs this winter with one of them new fangled types. Cost him spares, plus two calor heaters and lots of electric fans to keep their place warm while repairing it. And his quote for a new one is another £1700. Can anyone tell me how long my boiler will last ? Oh and its never been serviced either !!! ( if it aint broke.....etc ) And what part of it is likely to fail bad enough to kill it dead ? The heat exchanger bursting ?? Thnx
  20. Ahhh yes, flobadobadobadob. I also have a pic somewhere of me as Ozzy Osbourne ( with bat ! ), and we're also doing A4ABBA again in March. My next one is to be Marc Bolan in february, but the charity shops haven't yet had any suitable satin clobber. Anyone got any ideas. ?
  21. Struth, can't match that ! its brilliant . Remember these two ?
  22. Hurry Up, man, I'm not getting any younger, and those platforms kill yer feet !! You must come over and see the video and pics sometime...............
  23. seen you four somewhere before Chris.........A4Abba have some bookings for 2010 ......brill eh ? (rehearsing tonight )
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