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  1. Ok Cheerz for the tips. Glass cleaner on the shopping list then. thanks
  2. Hi. I'm about to tear off the plastic covering from the stainless panels. What is the right way to clean it without harming the smooth finish ? I asked the wife, but I don't think Brillo pads are a good idea TA
  3. Hi Steve, Ant. and well done Neil. I spoke yesterday with the test station ( Yeading ) asking for info on what they wanted to see on test day. Amongst other stuff like the donor V5, he said ''technical drawings of the seat belt mountings'' I offered photos as proof but he said ''only if they are from the kit supplier'' I've done nothing about this yet, but it sounds like they want some proof of the inaccessible mountings. Ant, Good luck on your test day. Steve, If you can get over sometime, I can show you all the paperwork and forms for SVA / VRO. Do you think I could have a copy of the letter about the top mounting points, please Steve?, ready for test day. Cheerz.
  4. john

    Initial Registration?

    Steve, I dunno mate, but I have heard of people driving there after passing SVA. This is one for both Mr J. and your insurance co. Pity you can't get an afternoon off. Have you booked SVA yet ? I'm June 18 at Yeading.
  5. john

    Initial Registration?

    I'll mail it to you, Good Luck John.
  6. john

    Mini Wiper

    Brian.....you've got Exactly what happened to me. The park switch is making a good contact one side, but not the other. Go back to the park switch and make sure that the contacts are making when in BOTH positions, Even though they are clean, they may be worn , like mine, and i had to put a blob of solder on one of them to make it work properly. Check the circuits before putting it back onto the motor. Hope this helps,
  7. john

    Initial Registration?

    Hi Steve, Have you rung Mr Jepson at Reading yet ? He sent me all the forms and a chassis number, explained all that is needed, and is ready to come out and do the build up inspection soon. He knows his onions, and is a great help. Would you like his direct fone number ? By contrast, my experiences with Swansea have been much less straight forward.
  8. john


    I hope you're right, my £5 pair from Stoneleigh aren't E-marked either.
  9. H Les, Well his email is 'ford.com' Looks like Paul could pass ona tip or two to the rest of us . ! ! Sorry i missed you at Stoneleigh, had a lot to buy. John.
  10. john


    Andy, Swansea told me that both Yeading and leighton Buzzard are ten to fourteen days. though I don't have a date yet.waiting for that call. My cheque's been cleared though ! Good luck on the day. John.
  11. john


    Hi. Yes I put those weights too. The fee is now 150 pounds and it includes VAT. Which test centre have you requested ? John
  12. john

    Sva Application

    Hi Rob, thanks, I found the engine codes on the nw rhocar site. On the GVW, I was concerned they may need more than just my word for it, like a letter form RHE. If thats not so, fine by me. One more step towards sunny Yeading. Thanks again for your help
  13. john

    Sva Application

    So after sending off to Swansea for an SVA test, I get a letter asking me to confirm the design GVW , and to verify the year of manufacture of the engine. I've read about these before, when I was just a junior builder, but now they mean something to me I can't find them, and panic is overtaking me. Can anyone please point me to where the answers to the above are ? Thanks in advance John (Reading)
  14. john

    Chrome Cam Cover

    I've seen these for sale on the trade stands at the Kit Shows. Not sure of the current price though. Have a look around at Stoneleigh. John (Reading)
  15. Joel, your point about the hood fixings. Will you be doing SVA with them in place ? I read somewhere that this could be a failure point for the dreaded protrusions. I don't intend to fit my hood until I get a MAC. John (Reading )
  16. Yep, just done it this week. I did a fillet between glass and frame inside and out, after it was fully assembled , and before fitting to the car. Right or wrong time will tell, but I figured the channel isn't fully waterproof unless you do it. Helps to glue the whole thing together too. I used translucent. looks quite neat. John. (Reading)
  17. Hi Pete. I hope the leg op goes according to the supplied video................ Be sure to use plenty of angle grinder, and self tappers. Do not fix anything permanently,to begin with, and where it doesn't fit....put plenty of sikaflex in ! A large hammer is essential, and if you get stuck ring the supplier for advice. Cover all internal protrusions, and don't throw anything away, you may have a smart idea of where to use it later on ! ! ! Well you are doing it yourself aren't you ? Good luck mate, tell us how it goes. John.
  18. Well done ,Matt. Like it . Keep up the good work.
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