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  1. For Sale. Robinhood 2b In red and stainless, built by me, completed and SVA'd in 2003. Approx 5k miles mainly dry ones, since then, 2 litre pinto, stripped and rebuilt. Shortened sump New standard camshaft. 38 DGAS Weber Carb, Full wet weather gear, 5 speed gearbox Fox alloys, with 195 Yokahamas including unused spare. Wishbone suspension with adjustable GAZ all round. Taxed and mot'd, just ready to go. Grab a bargain in time for the summer shows. £3500.
  2. john

    St Georges Day

    Great news, Larry , well done matey. Not many Yeading first timers about, you're one of the few.
  3. john

    St Georges Day

    Good luck Larry, fingers crossed.
  4. john

    Sunny Weather

    And I 'm off for the next two, too,
  5. Thats my car in their website pictures, it was the first and I am more than pleased with the conversion. If you haven't started your build yet, and are looking at about £800 to upgrade it to wishbones, have you considered changing the chassis for the later type suitable for wishbone suspension ? Ask the factory about buying just a chassis and the bone items, Or Try ebay for a partbuilt and you'll get lots of other kit items I assume with it.
  6. I recommend you ask someone close by to give yours a good look over. S/P may not be everyones cup of tea, but mine got me through SVA ok. It sounds more like some kind of assembly error on yours, but without pics its hard to tell more. I doubt if changing the shocks are going to cure it, and I agree you will definitely need wheel spacers if you have Ford wheels. I will try and attch a pic of what mine looked like so you can compare.
  7. Yep, I'm in support of that, Steve. PS the big red one just passed the MOT today, feeling just a bit relieved !
  8. john

    Peter 2002b

    I'll email him and tell him to clear his box.
  9. Yep. taxed again ready for out this weekend. ( Please keep shining, sun )
  10. Only problem with doing that is the place is full of Americans. ( you guessed it.....I don't like em )
  11. I guess we will all grin and bear it ! http://www.petrolprices.com/blog/duty-rise...-weeks-110.html
  12. Hmm, Well I assumed it would be the hood, which still needs retreiving from winter storage, and taxing ( ouch only three weeks to go ) But if you would like something bigger and redder, just say !
  13. Taking bookings now Becks, but full until 2012 ( is that ok Chris ) Flares good, but the platforms were so large that the 6.15 to Paddington stopped alongside !!!!! And I grew the beard especially to be Bjorn again !!! Happy days.
  14. Becks............calm yourself girl !! I've PM'd you with the link to youtube.........brace yourself !!!!
  15. Chris, I've sent you the link again........................daren't put it on here !!!!!!!
  16. Hey Chris. I can get you a great deal on a fabulous tribute band for your reception.............have you seen them yet on youtube ?
  17. Looking forward to making up a hoodie guard of honour .......... C'mon Terry and Mat, surely you can get finished for something This important !!
  18. Really great news, many congratulations and best wishes to you both. John and Christine.
  19. I hope to be there Chris, please.
  20. john

    Just Bought! (with Pics)

    If you're not going to use the engine, or the rear end, it sure seems a shame to break up a nice runaround. And you will get a Q plate if you don't have 3 major items from one donor.
  21. A very Happy Birthday to you Bob, keep taking the tablets
  22. With spacers that thick, would he need longer studs Dave ?
  23. Peugeot offsets is the right solution, dont' spend too long trying Larry. Many of us have faced the same puzzle.
  24. And don't try to get away with std ford offset wheels, such as off the donor. Use spacers, or peugeot offsets which give more clearance. HTH
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