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  1. Good news that man I've got one of those Christines too, they're a good model, well recommended ! ! . . . . . what ?
  2. I got the selection of items I wanted at our new Reading store, at 1100 when they opened. Only had the one cutoff even then though.
  3. john


    I Fully and sincerely agree with you Eric. I'm always nagging my sons to NOT do the sort of unsafe things that I got away with when working on cars. Is it age that makes me so aware of the risks I once took ??
  4. john


    AND .....I nominate the honourable member from Tonypandy as our Safety officer....
  5. Many congrats Alan, am raishing a glassh ash I write thish , ( Went to Aldi for some air tools today and bought soem of their Cotes de Rhone about 3 quid and not bad at all hic )
  6. john


    And it looks a better job too, Duncan. Cheers
  7. john


    Hi, I saw an advert for these, http://www.restorationramps.co.uk/phdi/p1....ment&part=2 and would like to know if anyone has else has seen or used any. I think the price would prohibit any hoodies from buying, but does anyone know of a cheaper version............... Well its me back yer see...........am getting on a bit now..........can't crouch and wriggle like I used to......
  8. My 9.5 Turbo Estate was the most comfortable driving position I ever had, did Austria and back with a full load and never felt tired once. I agree they have character, even though mechanically its mainly GM bits, but thats business for you. Would be sorry to see them go, but don't hold your breath, those Americans look after their own first. I know......I was just such a casualty a few years ago . Don't like em now, and don't trust em.
  9. Larry, I will mail you .
  10. Hi Larry Sorry to hear of your setback at this stage of build. I'm pretty sure Ive got two spare chrome shafts which I had '' just in case'' anything happened like this to me. I have a feeling that I might have two of the 'top hat' thingy's aswell. I made my own before RH sent me some during my build. Let me know if you want these and I will dig them out. I will show you how it all goes back together if you want. Best if you can come over some time.
  11. john

    A Good Day!

    Struth,! that lot took me about a year !!
  12. Despite being one of the most modern and efficient steam loco designs ever built, all of the 49 original loco's have been scrapped.............ie there are none in preservation. Hence one good reason why some enthusiasts embarked on building one, and this year it should prove there could still be a place for steam power if built in economical numbers with modern engineering technologies on a par with aerospace, and fuelled in an uptodate manner to generate steam efficiently. (making steam doesn't need to be a messy coal-shovelling technology any more ) Oh dear..............what have I just done .....
  13. Andy, I've got loads of Standard Wheel nuts if you need any, and when I bought my alloys I got sets of nuts with them, from Elite Wheels in Reading. I also have a son who works for a local motor factor. Give me a ring if your stuck. 07977 45 44 90.
  14. And don't forget the jailbirds now in the House of Lords !!
  15. Larry. definitely agree that you should get the other half involved. Try asking her to sit in the driving seat so you can position it for her to be able to drive it one day.....works a treat every time. ( Ask Chris N for tips on how NOT to keep that promise !! )
  16. Hey Pete..............thats an impressive build there, mate. Where did the donor parts come from to build THAT ????
  17. john

    New Mag

    It certainly is the 'new look ' as it says on the tin. Got mine today so will spend all afternoon at work reading it.
  18. Safely received here , Steve, thanks.
  19. john

    Sva Pass

    welldone that man ! Enjoy
  20. john

    Birthday Boy

    Congrats Matt, hope you have a happy day. ( will you be getting a haircut for your birthday )
  21. john

    2b Sliding Pillar

    Go to your local scrappy and find an old escort with CVH. The alternator bracket is shaped like the letter ' F '. It only needs one hole redrilling and it fits a treat, on the existing block holes. Choose the right length of belt to position the alternator away from your manifold.
  22. john


    Banking...........the safest job in the world..... Screwup in any other industry like they've done in 2008, and you get shown the door ---FAST. And without compensation or a comfy pension. Makes yer sick
  23. john


    Thats a mystery, I thought you had to sign up for direct debits in a secure way. Tip for tomorrow...........wear a suit ,white shirt and tie, and don't see anybody below the manager. Speak loud and forceful, but polite, like doing a John Cleese . Usually works for me , I've made Barclays climb down several times ( thinks......so why the hell am I still with them ?? ) good luck.
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