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  1. davey

    More Brake Q’s

    Hi have a look at www.rallydesign.co.uk they may have something to fit. davey
  2. davey

    Front Wings

    Hi I live near Carmarthen which is a bit of a haul from Manchester,How does £20 sound to you?
  3. thanks for that, i hadnt thought about wing/tyre radius its a good point davey
  4. Hi i am replacing the huge wings on my S7, any ideas about mounting brackets? regards davey
  5. davey

    Cycle Wing Struts

    Hi i am changing my big wings to cycle wings (sierra S7) does anybody have a spare set of mounts, any suggestions would be helpfull regads davey
  6. davey

    No Electrics

    Hhmmm not thought about relays, there are 3 one is the flasher unit, how would i test the relays? thanks davey
  7. davey

    No Electrics

    ok have just checked and there are no volts on yellow black wire or any other wire except for the red one, have tried ignition switch in all positions and have just popped out the chamber and given switch a squirt of servisol. looks like the switch is dud, if it is how difficult is it to change? many thanks davey
  8. davey

    No Electrics

    hi any ideas about this little prob, fully charged battery volts at the red wire on ignition switch but nowhere else, no power to dash but power to horn and hazards, electrikery is not my strong point but have multimeter if any one has any ideas many thanks davey
  9. davey

    Front Wings

    Ahh no probs how does £40 sound/
  10. Hi i have 4 Welber gold/silver wheels 6J x 13H2, they fit a standard 4 bolt ford axle and are in good condition only need a clean and a bit of touching up, £60 ono Davey
  11. davey

    Front Wings

    Hi i have a pair of green large front wings for sale, they are used and need a bit of work, they were fitted to my S7. any body want to make an offer? will post pics when i figure out how to resize
  12. davey

    Brake Refurb

    Hi Guys im trying to find replacement rubber bellows for the sliding bolt on sierra front brake calipers, i can get a full kit but dont need all the seals etc just need the 4 bellows because being a dimwit i lost them, put them somewhere safe
  13. thanks guys i think ill leave it hope it gets through the MOT
  14. no its a large rubber dome bolted to the chassis at the top of the rear spring, i think its to stop bottom out the suspension, just been to my auto factors and they say they cant get any.
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