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  1. Interesting post Pete. Car was advertised at £6600 on Saturday when I viewed it. I took a screen shot of the Autotrader advertisement. On Monday the price jumped to £7000 when I went for a second look. I showed the salesman the screenshot and he dropped the price £400 after "talking to the boss". Must be company policy to bump the price when they get a nibble on a car?
  2. The independent mechanic gave the car a thumbs up but flagged up the following from his investigation which I don't understand:- P2125 Throttle/peddle 'e' circuit P0002-84 fuel volume regulator control circuit range/performance. Any clues?
  3. I told the salesman that I'd prefer to spend the money on an independent mechanics inspection rather than an extended warranty. He didn't think that was such a good idea. No commission in it for him and the chance of more parts and labour costs to the garage before they sell the car. He probably hopes I'll decide to go elsewhere. He's currently apologising for the second day that the car is not available for inspection. £100 refundable deposit has put the ball in his court.
  4. I'm shopping around for a used tin top. I've seen a used Kuga at Evans Halshaw and wonder if their extended warrany is worth paying £450 for three years cover?
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's episode. A head to head shoot out between some cars I might actually be able to afford and an engine upgrade which looked worthwhile plus the lovely Vicky testing Yank muscle cars. What's not to like?
  6. Last week in the the street where I live a 19 year old stabbed a 62 year old shopkeeper 18 times under the watchfull eye of muliple cameras. She's dead and he's been caught thanks partly to the footage from numerous cameras along his escape route.
  7. Would you believe it. The authorities have gone and installed a cctv in my street today.
  8. Thanks guys. I've looked at their website and its just what I need. There's a hik vision dealer local to us. I'll ask them for a quote.
  9. Can anyone recommend a high quality external CCTV camera?
  10. Anyone thinking of travelling to Bute to see Bluebird?
  11. What! I'll bring this up at the next club meeting.
  12. Hi Andi, I joined my local club a couple of years ago. Cheap as chips and I automatically Get BCU membership. Great bunch of mates and instruction one night a week. It's not a good idea to go paddling alone out on the North Sea or on our fast flowing rivers up here in the frozen north so we paddle as a club. Enjoy.
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