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  1. Once again a great day out at Kimbolton thanks to Peter for the org. The show gets bigger each year with some great cars and lots for all the family.
  2. Yes please Peter one for me please Clive if the same as other years you must arrive before the general public but can leave any time.
  3. Great day out with lots of cars followed by a very good meal with friends thanks to Derek for organising the meal again this year
  4. Got mine as well number 65.
  5. I'd be tempted to keep the ford diff as the mazda one would be difficult to mount (very wide mounting points ) but the engine and box shouldn't be too much trouble it will n eed new mounts fabricating and as Dave says change the whole loom. Great motor much lighter than the ford You will need a new propshaft and do away with the torque tube
  6. Wrist band arrived this morning thanks Dave
  7. Thanks Bob I have been away for the last couple of weeks also so missed this, thanks very much I received them yesterday so it's out in the garden today to test them out.
  8. Yes please dave sorry not at stoneleigh
  9. A nice looking catch tank. Not a cheap one at that.
  10. Some nice photos Phil nd yes a great day out
  11. Great day out thanks Derek for the org of the meal. Nice to meet up and have a chat. Some really nice cars to have a look around.
  12. Very surprised there are any of these props around there was lots changed about 15 years ago after a similar breakage. Glad to hear you are only brused and nothing broken.
  13. Hi Derek 1 beef 1 pork 1 crumble 1 creme brulee No starters thanks Chris
  14. You tended to answer your own question. Yes priming would be best then use a good 2 pack paint. If using metallic then you will need a laquer from the same paint manufacturer to be sure of the best finish.
  15. Sticker and card arrived today thanks Kirsty and Richard
  16. With modern additives in petrol try using plastic pipe wherever possible as even good rubber pipe doesn't last long
  17. If you think that is confusing just wait until you receive the map. It does make for a interesting drive I've never been the same way twice and whichever road you take there are cars on the run going in both directions. It's great fun
  18. As Jim says good waterproof clothing and drive it up or trailer it as the cost of collection will be at least £1 per mile each way. I used a trailer when I picked up the porsche £48 for 1 day but only £65 for 2.
  19. Merry Christmas to all and get well soon Pete
  20. Just got my application back number 28
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