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  1. Alasdair

    Snowy Run Out

    I have the same problem with my '02 Astra, it's horrible. Does anyone know how I can turn it off? Alasdair
  2. You could even put a sticker on it "Sponsored by..." just to rub it in.
  3. ...and THEY were replaced by steam turbines. Man! petrol engines are so behind the times!
  4. That's interesting. In my yoof I used to thrash a Moto Guzzi up the M1/M6 from Luton to Stoke for a training course. Cruising speed was (allegedly officer) an indicated 110. But when I got there I couldn't hear much for a good half an hour aftwards. I guessed it was the wind nose, the full face helmets in those days weren't as "full face" as they probably are now (Griffin Masterdome as I recall). Alasdair And now for a joke my dad told me when I were a lad: 3 gentlemen travelling on a train near Birmingham: 1st gent: "Is this Wednesbury?" 2nd gent: "No, it's Thursday". 3rd gent: "So I am, let's all go and get a drink".
  5. I'd heard one of his sons wanted to move the business more into brass though.
  6. Ah - thanks. Didn't spot that.
  7. Thanks but I've seen this one already, I need 8 of these, a bit pricey indeed. I am finding it a bit hard to believe that something like this is not stocked anywhere, am I asking for something weird? I was sort of hoping that a Hoody somewhere would say "Ah yes, try Arthur Cragshaw and Sons in Upper Tiddlington", or similar... Alasdair
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been trying everywhere I can think of to get one of these so thought I'd try the experts! I am looking for a brass flat L bracket (looks like a letter L). It needs to be about 2" long one each side and maybe 1/2" wide on each leg. Sound simple doesn't but I can't find them anywhere, I need 8 to repair an old rather pretty table. The fancier the better. Note: These are not the "inside corner" type of L bracket that you might use to brace the inside of a cupboard but a flat shape, as if you were using them for an "L" on your garden gate (assuming the name of your house had an "L" in it of course). Thanks. Alasdair (D'oh - perhaps someone can edit the title so it says "L" and not "l" - thanks).
  9. We went looking for a fireplace a few years ago, just to burn logs, and came away with one of these Click. Never regretted it.
  10. Part of a reply I had from a solictor friend regarding a similar situation: Alasdair
  11. Oh dear, 'ow sad, never mind. (Sorry, couldn't resist it).
  12. And then (as I recall, maybe) on one of the aforementioned trips to the training school I was crusing at an indicated 110 (very smooth on that bike) up the M6, no traffic at all on a Sunday afternoon, when I was surprised to see in the mirror a Rover V8 police car. I have no idea how long he was there. I pulled over to the centre lane and slowed to a respectfull 90 and he cruised past on his way. When he had cleared the area I carried on...
  13. A few months ago this happened at our local garage. The postie said he had been delivering new cards to most of the village. It is possible that the foreign staff there were under pressure from terrorist organisations back home to skim the cards. I think they used a second scanner under the counter and a roof camera to catch the PINs. My wife has got so good at hiding her PIN now she can do it with her hand completely covered.
  14. Er, A while ago (well, in the late 70's actually) I was attending the Post Office training school in Staffordshire and I would commute up on a Sunday afternoon from Luton. Distance:140 miles. Time taken: 100 minutes. Vehicle: Moto Guzzi. But then again, Your Honour, this could all have been a dream, or someone could have hacked my account and posted this on my behalf...
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