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  1. Hello there. Nottingham and Derby area meetings are held on the first sunday of each month at ROLLS ROYCE & SOCIAL CLUB - Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 6EU at 8pm until close (Throught the main doors and the first room on the right). Where anyone is welcome (members or not) to join in the conversations, advice and help is available for people who are thinking of buying/building a...


    The Last Hood

    The Hood is relisted on ebay starting at £100 must go this time Richard

    3mm Plate

    Hi give us call im shore we can fine you an off cut, we are going to start selling sheet in alloy, mild and stainless as well as all the tube on the spares site Richard
  4. gdc

    great car rich all the best with it .



    2b Shocks

    Hi we do them for £360 the set including the mounting brakets Regards Richard GBS
  6. We are definatly going to be open on Saturday for the open day. Ive just been out and bought all the mince pies and food. There is quite a bit of snow around but nothing that stops you, we have all managed to get in all week with no problems. Look forward to seeing you all there. Richard Great British Sports Cars PS. Graham your kit is all ready.
  7. Hi Kitpartsdirect has nothing to do with GBS any more it was kept by Ian Rowley, we have been getting lots of people who have been having problems buying from them and then not getting the parts. we are able to supply all the parts we are in the process of building a new GBS web site and a new parts site Kit Spare If any one is needing any bits please give us a call 01623 860990 Richard Hall
  8. Hi we have now made a few bike carb manifolds to fit the CVH engine, this is quite a simple conversion and makes a big difference to the performance and makes the engine fit better. please give us a call if you need any photos or info. Richard
  9. I am sure most people were aware of the resent problems at GBS over the last few months, I can now annouce that as of Yesterday every thing has changed and I am now in control Of GBS. Ian Rowley has resigned his position as MD and will have nothing what so ever to do with the company going forward. This now brings an exciting new chapter in the long history of Robin Hood Sports Cars, there will be many new developments going forward including a new web site new cars and further devlopment of existing products and cars. I would like to thank everyone for their help, suport and advice over the last few months, it has been much appreciated, look forward to seeing everyone at the shows. Regards Richard Hall GBS
  10. Without prejudices There are very serious issues within GBS that are affecting both customer service and parts/kit supply, that I no longer have any control over. Resent events and discoveries have upset me considerably, after all the hard work, money and energy that I have put in over the last 3 years to build the company up, however I don’t want to be tarred with the same brush as things unfold and come to light. Richard
  11. Hi i would say the Zetec is the easier engine to fit in both the 2b and Zero as it is a more conventional design and fit straight to the type 9 or MT75 and the clutch and fly wheel can be used as they are. The Duratec will cost more as there are extra parts needed. On the road driving the two cars the Duratec does feel abit sweeter, i think a bit of this was down to the fact it had a lightend flywheel the difference in power was noticeable but not too much. So in my opinion i would go for the Zetec as it is cheaper and easier to fit, having said that if you want to do tuning mods in the future to get over 200bhp it may be better to look at the Duratec. A 175bhp Zetec in a Zero or 2b makes a very quick car! Richard
  12. Thought this might be interesting, I took two Zeros down to Emareld to be mapped one with a 2ltr zetec on 45mm jenveys and the other a duratec on 45mm jenveys they both had the same exhaust manifold design but the duratec had a high flow Cat before the silencer. Zetec made 175bhp and 152lbf Duratec 185bhp and 159lbf If any one wants a copy of the maps i have them. Richard
  13. Hi Mike glad your ok, they are superisingly strong and easy to repair they always look alot worse if the chassis is beyond repair, you can always replace the damaged half as a section If you need any help with insurance quotes etc give us a call Richard GBS
  14. no email recieved was it send to the right address ? Richard
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