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  1. Buy some 'Sail Cloth' and make your own. I know that John Stewart (EM) has made several tops for people in the club.
  2. If they want to steal the car they will, it doesn't matter what security is fitted, although its always a good idea to make it as hard as possible! I've heard that crooks will go out of their way to drag cars off drive ways and onto a low loaders if they think they can make money, apparently using fairy liquid under the wheels to make the car slide easier! Just for information - I always use a device bolted to the floor in front of the car when parked in the garage - you never know! carl.
  3. Apologies - I can now see the chassis, need my eye's testing!
  4. Is that a Zero??? Look like a lightweight to me - may be wrong
  5. Best idea is to build the car, get it through the IVA then sit down with a beer and watch the video's. Bloody good laugh! carl.
  6. You will always get problems when a prop is seam welded. As stated previously, don't skimp on a good prop, buy one from Bailey Morris especially the sort of power you are trying to push through. carl
  7. 180ish - Depends how deep your pockets are? Remember you also need to be able to stop - so you might want to consider upgrading the brakes? carl.
  8. Rally Design stopped selling this steering wheel for a couple of months last year due to the same issue. I wonder if your wheel is from the same batch???? Worth checking when they had the problem and when you purchased yours. Carl.
  9. Forgot to mention, i've got a V8 in a cobra (Chevy 6.3L) and its easy to maintain but very heavy (very good in a light car). If you go down the LS route and things go wrong you need to be up to speed with electronics and not forgetting the cost! carl.
  10. You can buy an LS3 for around £4.5K (new) but then you need everything else to go with it. Straight away you'll be up to £6k. Alternative route - go and find yourself a Vauxhall Monaro thats got rear end damage and written off by the insurance company, they have V8 fitted as standard. You could then make them a silly offer for the engine, box and ECU, wiring loom etc... Job done. I'd like to see one in a Robin Hood but you might need a parachute to stop the thing. Good hunting Carl.
  11. As stated, use minimal rivets and 'Bond' the panel to the chassis. Thinking back I used 'Adflex' (Made by Sika) to bond the panel, clamped and left overnight. Guaranteed never to move again! carl.
  12. I would not bother buying a cheap air rivet gun - they don't last very long the collet fails after extensive use. I've been using a "Stanley" hand held rivet gun for more last 3 builds and never had a problem. The most recent build is using 4mm rivets to hold the alley floor in place and these take some putting in! The only slight problem you get is with your 'Grip" - but the pain soon wears off after a couple of beers! carl.
  13. It's a pity it's not a 3.14. I'd pay £100 for one of these! carl.
  14. Hi Tom These little cars are great and you will feel that you are going VERY fast at 80 being so close to the ground. The problem you will notice very quickly is the aerodynamics of the car - once you get to a certain speed, things like the widescreen start to play a major part in holding you back. I know some members have managed to 'rake' the screen back to improve the airflow over the car. At the end of the day it depends on what you want the car to do! carl.
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