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  1. i am only on j6 m61 got one spare
  2. jb7x57

    Iva Fail

    Windscreen going on in morning then it's the open road great feeling to get it on the road passed and taxed
  3. jb7x57

    Iva Fail

    Passed this morning changed hose for a rubber second hand one of a old tank and took pic of it on old tank so it passed, went to Preston dvla after dinner with my forms 30 mins later taxed and registered now need the sun
  4. jb7x57

    Iva Fail

    Emailed race tech but no reply booked back in for Monday can't find a phone number for them anyone know there number
  5. jb7x57

    Iva Fail

    Failed at chadderton not much 2 sharp edges, reversing light, needs a new sticker on brake fluid reservoir but the biggest problem was the fuel filler hose in boot he says it needs to be stamped unleaded fuel can't find one anywhere not even gbs do one I have a silicon race tech hose but no stamp on that either anyone any ideas the rest was just nothing really I could of done them there and got a pass but for the hose
  6. i have a set of as new seats for a s7 pm me your email address i will send pics
  7. jb7x57

    For Sierra Donor

    do you still have the log book if yes just contact dvla and explain the surcumstances i bought a hood and sierra parts with vin plate to continue a build to find his wife had sent log book back to dvla as scrapped we contacted dvla and told them is was part of a kit car build i got log book back in my name
  8. asked today when i ordered some parts
  9. gbs only have the zero one
  10. where is best place to buy a fuel tank for a 2b
  11. just agreed a deal with liz collecting this weekend
  12. there has been a few part builds on ebay one was a sliding pillar model starting price £900 was 3/4 built but no bids, i think lizs may be better as you can start yourself from the begining, Item number: 230645601675 Item number: 270781030978
  13. jb7x57

    What Engine

    that sounds like a tight fit
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