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  1. I might have to try and make this seen as I’ve not been to the last few :0)
  2. Im coming and bringing the kids too. Going for food first too. Im also hoping to be bringing my new friend
  3. Me and the boys will be there, we are gonna go early and have something to eat xx
  4. Sorry, don't think I'll make it this month. Something has come up.
  5. emmab

    Kid Racing At Eosb

    It was brilliant, can't wait to watch them do it again
  6. Might have to bring the kids down to watch for the day
  7. I'm hoping to there too x
  8. Did you get my form??
  9. I'm hoping to get to this one :0)
  10. We are coming just been naughty and not sent my form in, will do it tonight
  11. Ooo me and the boys might pop over to watch, been a long time since we last went to blyton
  12. Hi, sorry I'm gonna miss this one, Matt now has football and goalie training on the same night so not sure what time he will be finished. All being well i will see you all next month.
  13. Not sure if I will be there or not still not sorted a sitter.
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