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  1. a couple pictures of my car still wanting any info on where it is now
  2. hello i havent been on here for quite a while but was trying to find out any details of my old sub k J647GAH i sold it in 2007
  3. Thanks for the replys. Ihave been coating them in wd40 /wax polish even engine oil still the rust returns. will buy some brass/chrome ones from svc.
  4. Is it just mine or do RH chrome headlamps rust. Mine have been polished so many times that i have worn through the chrome and they look awful. I decided before the winter that i would buy some new ones in the spring so do i buy from RH @ £40 plus vat for a pair or buy elsewere for £100 plus vat.
  5. atigue

    Camber Wedges

    Hello Does any body have a scale drawing of the wedges so i could see if a local machene shop could make me some. Andrew
  6. I also had the same problem on a 2.0 sub k. i made a brace to go from the lower edge of the bonnet just behind the nose cone and up to the centre so i could put more of a curve in the centre than just letting it sag. have got some photos somewhere.
  7. Thanks for the pics will ring and arange for a hood to keep me on the road during this lovley summer we are having.
  8. No one has said any thing about robin hoods weather gear. Does this mean they arnt verry good? As i am about start looking for some before winter
  9. atigue

    Front Indicators

    Hi everyone This is my first e mail on this site, my sub K failed on front indicators at Norwich but have now extended them and got a pass on the 19th feb . just got it registered and on the road. Andrew
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