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  1. Hmmm i have never done it but in theory i would have thought taking just the engine out on its own should be easier than engine & box. Once the engines out of the way you will have bags of room to do the seal with box still in. keep us posted on how it goes phil. regards scott
  2. In reply to phils question Auto fluid is fine for the type 9 box, fords originally stated hypoid ep80 when they first introduced the type 9 but to be quite honest the synchromesh on type 9's have always been a bit on the lazy side and auto fluid helps no end, I have been reconditioning gearboxes for 16 years and have always used atf in type 9's and never had a problem. As for the seal putting thicker oil to stop it leaking wont work if the seal is worn out the only remedy is renewal, First you do need to remove gearbox(sorry!) then once on floor remove clutch arm and release bearing then you will see a cover which is the guide sleeve for the release bearing this is held on with four 10mm head bolts undo these then gentle tap cover and pull off, then using a blunt screwdriver lever old seal out and tap new one in using a suitable size socket...dead easy takes 2 mins to do the seal but unfortunatley hours to get the gearbox out ;( hope this helps scott
  3. In reply to kens original question, i used one from a tailgate on a renault 5 and it fits perfectly and raises the bonnet by itself. regards scott
  4. hi a friend of mine had this problem a couple of years ago and was told if he was in the AA they would find out for free.. might be different now..? maybe worth a try. Scott
  5. Scottedog


    hello all my name is scott and ive been building a 2B for bluddy ages (well 2 yrs) i'm 90% through the build but havn't touched it since last august because of recent house move...anyway i'm hoping to get it sva'd and on the road for the summer downpours so the reason for this post is who do i contact to become a member of the club and are there any strange rituals i need to know about? i'll probably be going to stafford show can i join there? many thx to all Scott
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