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  1. IJW

    Bonnet / Scuttle Alignment

    i put some of this trim around bonnet edge it then seals on scuttle when shut and takes out imperfections. http://www.cbsonline.co.uk/boot--door-seal...-trmbl-48-p.asp Ian
  2. IJW

    Pair Of Trs Belts

    Have you got a link to these Ian
  3. IJW

    Carbon Fibre Dashboard

    I got one from svc but took it back as it was to small even though the site said it would fit a robin hood .Did ask gbs if they planned to do any they told me they had the vac forming kit etc and planned to do them that was earlier in the year might be worth a call.
  4. IJW

    Gbs/bogg Manifold Prices

    I sent my zx6r carbs up to bogg brother it came in at about £300 i think, that was to have them cleaned, jetted to suit engine,5mm tapped hole on each leg for megajolt map pressure,fuel resistant rubbers and clips and centre water take off inc return del i only paid £!.54 for carbs off ebay. Ian
  5. IJW

    Indicator Repeaters For Iva

    Thanks for pointing that one out john hadn,t measured that thinking cap back on i think it might be an extender where headlamp is bolted over top of front mudguard and stuck onto that it says on that iva manual by standing rearwards not behind the car suppose it can be read many different ways. Ian
  6. IJW

    Indicator Repeaters For Iva

    If putting the repeaters on the moving mudguard may cause a problem i think i might stick one either side of the anti roll bar.
  7. IJW

    Bubble Screen

    This is link to the seller non listed at mo http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TRANSIT-ARCHES-Tidy-...id=p3911.c0.m14 Ian
  8. IJW

    Electronic Speedo

    I used these 2 part numbers REVFSS REVT9-A from here https://www.burtonpower.com/product_main.as...speedo%20sender The REVT9-A fits where your cable goes in the gear box and is secured with the circlip as you would the cable then the ford sender REVFSS screws onto that. Ian
  9. IJW

    Electronic Speedo

    I have fitted a ford sender unit into my type 9 gearbox and using etb guages works fine. Ian
  10. IJW

    Iva And Rear Fog Lights

    If you have a look here there is a couple of diagrams http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?show...6&hl=stalks
  11. IJW

    Iva And Rear Fog Lights

    On the sierra stalks i have just wired mine in on the stalks that turn on the head lights on there is a -ve wire looping over to the dip/main that creates a circuit when switched on (but no circuit with just side lights on) i have put a live to the fog and branched into this -ve wire to a fog light switch then to the fog light so the switching is created by the -ve signal may put a relay in yet in case the sierra switch cant cope with the amps. Ian
  12. IJW

    Vro Chassis Number

    I wrote to the dvla in birmingham requesting a chassis number and here is my letter of reply Thank you for your letter regarding the allocation of a vro chassis numberfor you amateur/kit built vehicle. In order for me to allocate a vro chasis number i would first need to receive the application forms and paperwork necessary to register the vehicle.Once i had checked the paper work i would need then to inspect the vehicle to ascertain that there was a need for a vro chassis number to be allocated.I would then allocate the vro chassis number and issue a v842 letterto enable you to have the number stamped into the chassis .The vehicle could then be taken for IVA.Once the IVA certificate had been issued and forwarded to me i would then be able to complete the registration process. The police have expressed concerns about the amount of vro chassis numbers that are being issued for amateur/kit built vehicles.Where possible they would prefer the use of vro chassis numbers for vehicles of unknown origin and identity only. With this in mind the instructions that i have are that you are able to create your own chassis number and have it stamped onto the chassis.The number must be between 9 and 17 characters long and should be made up using a mix of letters and numbers.Due to a computer system constraits you cannot use the letters Q,O or I VCS INSPECTIONS BIRMINGHAM LO So in that i read i can just go ahead and make up my own chassis number without the need to fill out any forms or have an inspection until i have done IVA. Ian
  13. IJW

    Superspec Dashboard

    I brought one of the dashboards from svc but took it back it was to small for my 2b4 by about 2 inches at the sides so ended up using mdf. For the speedo i fitted a ford sensor in the speedo cable hole using an adaptor from burton power this worked fine with the etb speedo . i got a new level sensor from etb to suit guage. Hope that all helps a bit Ian
  14. IJW

    2b Aeroscreen

    Thats the one i fitted pic here http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=23705 Ian
  15. IJW

    Iva Mirrors

    I have less vibration on the mirrors now i have done this than i had when they were directly on the scuttle i thought i would have got more vibration.