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  1. Griff

    Mac 4x4 Challenge

    Only just over a week to go now Training day this sunday along with our celebrity team mate, don't know of her but apparently she's very keen, with a day off to pack next tuesday. thanks again for all your support Griff
  2. Griff

    Mac 4x4 Challenge

    We are over our mimimum target of £400 which is required to start the event, but I dont think we will top last years £1700. My workload is much higher this year. But you never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Griff

    Mac 4x4 Challenge

    Thank you all for the donations so far. The reality of Cancer has reared its head over the weekend with a friends father passing away last week and also a member of our SG7 club, both from cancer.
  4. Griff

    Mac 4x4 Challenge

    Me again Here are the donation forms for gift aid. Thanks in advance for your support 0_Gift_Aid2.doc
  5. Griff

    Herts Meet

    I've already thanked the club, but in case anyone missed that thanks again. I've created a thread in chit chat if anyone needs more info Regards Griff
  6. Hi guys and gals You may remember that last year myself and Peter Restall did a 24 hour off road challenge for Macmillan Cancer Relief. Many of you donated to the cause and followed our sucess as novices on this gruelling event, which we managed 9th overall out of 50 entrants. In total the event raised over £55,000 awesome Guess what, we are doing it again Only this year it starts on the friday night at a grid reference outside of Hereford and finishes at Warrington on the Sunday afternoon with approx 1000 miles of forests, mountains and who knows what in between. Our route is only divulged in small sections as we proceed through different challenges on route. We have two nights in the Range Rover with only basic facilities on site, should be fun if last year was anything to go by, we had a toilet and a warm air handryer which was usefull in the morning to warm your bits up We cover all vehicle costs ourselves and all money donated goes to Macmillan. We have a page set up at My Webpage if you want to contribute, 5% of which goes to justgiving for the site, otherwise cheques can be sent to: S.Griffiths 18,Chestnut Lane Bassingbourn Royston Herts SG8 5JJ The forms will be attached shortly to this message for giftaid etc. Thank you in advance for any contributions to our cause and I hope to see all the usual suspects at Barkston again this year. Regards Griff ps Who says I wouldn't get my new disco dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Griff

    Trackday Tyres

    For anyone considering proper rubber for the next visit to Barkston, Camskill have got Toyo R888's on offer at the moment for £61 each including delivery. Not a bad price? 185x 60x 13 V rated Griff
  8. No. 25 Pinto 2.0l Robin Hood 3a Awful weekend wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't already attended!!!!!!!!!! PS. Please reserve me a place for next time!!!! Hope that helps with the bookings problem Tim, Seriously great weekend well organised by a dedicated team, who even managed to book great weather too. PPS My first timed run is interesting (No.25) as I didn't cross the line and even then I wasn't last? by 7 seconds?
  9. Griff

    Barkston Heath

    Been to the last two, can't find a reason not to do it again. This time I wont fail on the timed run!!!!!!!!!!!! :gdit: :gdit: :gdit:
  10. Its worth doing the conversion, but I had a hell of a job undoing the old rack. My rack had metal in stead of plastic and it wouldn't come undone for anything even with jims special tool. I ended up buying a new rack £25 and converting it. Still, well worth it. But if the power steering rack is 2.5 turns it might be a better bet and cheaper, as my rack is 2.4 I think, but at least the bits are Quaife.
  11. Had an excellent day with really good times, my best was 54 seconds with a lot of 55's and 56's . Totally gutted on the timed run with 66 seconds :boohoo: :boohoo: due to an air lock in the fuel line. This was due to me filling the tank too full :gdit:but I did coast around the top section with no power :gdit: Well done Dave for a great second place Still roll on September when hopefully better rubber will improve times even more. Thanks again to John for the organising ps car no 7 Griff
  12. Well done helen, all that polishing at home obviously put you in good stead. Seriously well done . Its nice to see good people being recognised. Regards Griff
  13. For the moment i'm going to bid on the ebay item, its not too far away and the highest bidder at present is from Germany! Regards griff
  14. Thanks for that but it doesn't look like the right shape, mine is squarer at the sides rather than angled and without the shaping in the bottom corners as the frame is straight. I'll have a closer look in the next couple of days. Does one screen fit all hoods or are there variations???????????? Regards Griff
  15. New or used windscreen Urgently required for space in frame. My old screen imploded on me yesterday at 90mph on a trackday Passenger and myself were unmarked due to wearing helmets overalls and gloves. I wouldn't like it to happen without wearing a helmet and it has made me think hard about what to wear in future, there was no time to react let alone close your eyes!!!!!!!!! If anyone has got a spare screen or details about them let me know. The picture shows the car on the way back to the pits without the screen :boohoo: regards Griff
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