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  1. i drive a new transit 1850 rpm at 70 ,doesn't like pulling below 50 loaded in top
  2. tiggertom

    2B For Sale

    2b now gone to Italy now z4 3.0 in garage
  3. I used 10" land rover ones which came with multi-fit fittings Under £10 delivered off ebay
  4. tiggertom

    Whats This

    sorry i just seen your question ,car sold not picked up yet no replacement either
  5. tiggertom

    Whats This

    old ignition with a fitting for vacuum pipe i have one off 1.8 cvh set up
  6. tiggertom

    2B For Sale

    I have to sell due to loss of work van any one interested get in touch its better to go to a hoodie .click here looking for £ 4200 ono
  7. I have those calipers with wire type clip, mine have a fair bit of play in them which seems better with a pump of brakes and pads in close contact with discs.
  8. high beam numptys now don't bother me now finding road does
  9. i have dark tint sun visors on friction hinges would not be with out them
  10. look for air leaks mine did same 1 year ago flexi pipe from carb to inlet manifold had moved with cold so when i reved it sucked air in under load as tube was pulled in to manifold but tube returned to normal on tick over only found it when i got some one to work throttle as if i did throttle by hand it stopped things moving.
  11. simon have you not got a mr fusion under bonnet of your zero
  12. I will suck it see if it causes unwanted attention i get a clear one as original screen had angle grinder spark damage from previous owner
  13. I doubt it ,just got my local glass company to cut me a piece never asked to see tint before hand ,great in low sun
  14. New windscreen laminated and tinted its a bit dark for night driving
  15. I drive cars /vans/ hgv/ and the odd superbike every one has a opinion on the other driver as for your accident 50/50 insurance ,police, its all down to officer ,i had a crash last year ,a car hit me coming off a roundabout spinning at high speed ripped wheels of my new van kinked roof and he needed to be cut out attending officer said it was straight foreword high speed out of control on wrong side of road ,i got a letter from police saying no action to any party ,so from being straight forward he got away with dangerous driving.so good luck
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