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  1. it was about week between my visit to the DVLA and getting a registration.
  2. I have removed my interest and I believe the item is still available. Thank you to the seller for the quick communication about the items I'm sure some one will snap up in no time at this price!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to replace all of my Grp on the car I will buy individual yellow parts happily ! I am open to other colours aswell but would need to be all of the Grp if I did it that way. This is for a gbs zero I am happy with used as long as in good nick! Thanks for looking! Ahh can't change topic title to read rear arches* if any moderator is able to do so, please do
  4. If were talking classic the guy i bought the kit off orignaly had a dash made of oak it weighed more than the car!
  5. I have dials but my dash is very full. a simple digidash can make it look very tidy. im sure just buying the one would be cheaper than several dials
  6. joshrob


    Tom its all about the torque get a nice strong engine and youll push on past anything with a high BHP on another note you can get 180bhp at the wheels out of the 2ltr with one engine tune run and thats plenty for the first few months.
  7. Thanks for the response! I have had a tinker with the adjustment it could be that its been bedding in as iv been driving along. i just wasnt understanding why it got worse the further through a journey. ill have a go with how iv done the clutch tomorrow if thats no good a new cable will be my next purchase!
  8. Hi, I have ben driving my kit car around this week and have had three experiances already I am struggling to get it in to first gear after 10mins of running. The gear is fine when i first turn the car on or do NOT have the ignition on. I have been coping with 2nd gear but last night that was just as bad last night and i had to be towed home. This is why i wanted the kit car to play around with but im a bit unsure what is causing it does any one have any experiance with this? ideas? Thankyou
  9. joshrob

    Cat Or Not To Cat

    yes it needs a cat. i failed first time without cat and passed 2nd time with cat. i have 2.l and throttle bodies.
  10. joshrob

    Iva Fail

    Hi a flat piece of metal with the edges bent up bolted to the to the exsisting location will do the job for the battery. where did you get the engine mapped as myn failed iva on emisions and that was a new set up. all in all it sounds like the car did well at the iva. good luck with the retest!
  11. joshrob

    Registering Car

    hi guys thanks for the responses the .gov website is actauly a very good place to get looking. Thanks Josh
  12. joshrob

    Registering Car

    hi, my car is going to IVA next Tuesday and i have been very confused by the insurance/iva/register side of it. what is the correct method of getting the car from the before IVA stage to what legally driving on the road? If i am correct...which I am probably not. 1:insure the car on the chassis number 2:Take to IVA 3:pass IVA 4:IVA guys inform the DVLA and insurance 5: the car is registered by the DVLA 6:number plate and log book sent to me 7:inform Insurance of number plate 8:number plates on +tax 9:ready to drive. That could be 9 steps which are completely wrong, but i am a little stuck so any advice is much appreciated!
  13. Dinger thanks for the heads up, good job i read this it was what i was going to do next !
  14. Hi hammy me and my dad have put one rear arch on and doing the other soon. we used m6 rivnuts and then used 12mm washers on the grp side. We have used ali rivnuts and once we are happy with them will use locktight
  15. The dash looks great. In order to fit the dash in did you cut dash to fit the colum in with the cover? Or have you cut the cover aswell ?
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