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  1. Alan Shearer you dont half talk some *bleep*! Shut the *bleep* up you prick

  2. Would like to wish the worlds greatest Mum a happy 21st birthday again. She must be a Angel to have put up with me all these years. Love you loads always Mother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. My wife reckons having a small penis shouldn't affect our sex life. She may be right but I'd prefer it if she didn't have one!

  4. Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring Tottenham turd *bleep*s!!!

  5. What is it with all these status updates like "I cant believe my little man/girl is 6 month/ year/5years old etc" WHy cant you, it kind of happens with time! And "I cant believe my little man/girl now weighs 11lbs or whatever" well if they wernt growing and putting weight on then yould bloody have problems wouldnt ya...........!

  6. Thank you Peter, No picture mate. The one I got is not off a Robin, think its a locost one as looks a lot smaller and nothing fits in place correctly around it. A steel one would be much better. If I can find one??
  7. Good afternoon. Does anyone know where I can get panels from? Not sure what the name for the section I need is, but its the piece the windscreen sits on and bolts into and the bonnet pushes up against? Any help appreciated as my google searches have proved fruitless thus far
  8. I need the bit with the windscreen on, don't suppose you want to sell seperate? Dan
  9. My arse has developed some big old mutha *bleep*ing spots! Ouch

  10. *bleep* *bleep* bolox and *bleep*!!!

  11. liverpool have just signed a sponsership deal with fairy liquid..........they are both good at removing scum from cups

  12. Bedtime, up at 4 to catch a coach to Liverpool. Lets hope its as successful a trip as the last one. Cmon red men. YNWA.

  13. This place never sysis to amaze me!!

  14. So tired I cant sleep and Im in much pain :(

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