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  1. Just to correct myself,I believe the part is known as the "Saddle" and not an insert.
  2. Hi Guys, i brought a new insert for the bottom of my type 9 gearstick as it was missing. when it was fitted the gearstick would no longer push down to select reverse. I assume there is differant types of the gearbox and the way reverse is selected?. How do i tell if I have the correct one as I do not have an old one to compare, or have I simply made myself look a plum and fitted it wrong (alhough that looks impossible). many Thanks Lee
  3. all done, runs a dream. I connected the dizzy straight to the first tube with no chamber and it seams to tick over smoothly so far and revs very freely. thanks all for your words of advise.
  4. many thanks all for your help. I will do as Neil has and if I have problems with the dizzy I will fix it and blank the hole. I do have a non vacuum dizzy from an injection sierra but I dont think it will wire up to my current ignition so may be look out for an injection module and then the vacuum issue for dizzy is gone.
  5. doing some reading on other sites it seems ok to have the dizzy off one tube and the servo off another tube and leave the other two tubes (so none are linked). the thing is they were not talking about a pinto engine so unless i hear otherwise I will run with this. thanks for your comment Andy but the car has the pedal box with the servo fitted so would like to leave it there to be honest.I used to have an MG Midget that had a 1700 X Flow and Type 9 box and no servo, I never got used to those brakes no mater what pads I tried.
  6. i am nearly finished fitting the bike carbs to my pinto, however the last job to consider and not the least important is the vacuum for my servo. Will tapping into just one of the four inlet tubes create enough vacuum and i have been reading how this messes with the engine when heavy breaking??. has anyone used an electric pump to get the vacuum? What have you guys done ?? again thanks for any answers Lee
  7. thanks for all the replys all
  8. Many thanks, I assume it is not as big a deal to remove the boot above the tank? thanks for the advise all I will be doing this on saturday instead of going to Detling (maybe next year).
  9. Oh Dear!! it is the optional larger tank that was offered from the factory. I can only assume the mastic was used to seal around the sender etc and to much has been used and fallen in. have not taken much notice of the way the back end is held together so could i dismantle the boot above and get to the top of the tank? my thinking is if i remove the fuel line and fill the tank with fluid from the top it will hopefully flush out whats in there through the hole for the removed fuel pipe. I am open to any ideas on solving this problam or being told what i am thinking will be a waist of time?
  10. Hi All i have had no end of probs with my kit since i brought it and now the latest is the cause of it not running well is lots of silicone mastic loose in the tank getting sucked into the fuel line, as i do not have a build manual is it possible to remove the tank without taking the whole back of the car apart, also do the factory supply a manual on disc? cheers all Lee
  11. obviously can not manage it.
  12. If i have managed it there should be a picture of the front shock for you to comment on.
  13. I shall definatly be there on saturday then, do you need to pre book for camping as still thinking strongly I want to. I attended the show last year when I was thinking of buying a kit and it made my mind up. brought one built though that had only covered 1300miles so was like a fresh build anyway. will there be a club area ?
  14. Bob Many thanks, I was assuming if I wound the nut down the threaded shock edge it compressed the spring and made it stiffer. as I have spent quit a bit already this winter on the car would the stock factory shocks handle stiffer springs until I upgrade shocks later in the year, will follow you guys in the know and look at GAZ. If any of you think it is worth changing springs only for now what poundage do you guys use for fast road and the odd track day. Cheers Lee
  15. Hi all, nearly back on the road for the summer. I purchased my 2B+ towards the end of last year so not to much use before winter. one of the things I want to do is stiffen the rear as although comfortable was a little to soft at times espicialy if I had a passenger. Being a bit lazy how do you lot have your springs set? at the moment mine have the adjustable nut half way down on the front and as good as fully extended at the rear (Softest). Not that my driving talent warrents it but I weigh about 14 1/2 stone if that helps any advise and have the Yokohoma tyres that came with the kit on the
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