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  1. thanks for the replys guys, i am glad i asked before ordering as it clearly isnt what i thought steve
  2. hi guys, just wondering if anyone on here has used the double wishbone conversion kit from gbs, and if so is it worth doing, its about 230.00 quid and i am just wondering if its worth me considering as a winter project, does it alter the handling that much? only had the car a few months and only done around 400 miles so hard for me to judge the handling at the mo any opionions/ experiences are appreciated steve
  3. 10,000 that proves they can be more than just a weekend car steve thanks for popping round the other day, the car is running a lot better, just need to start using it more to iron out all the little faults (not sure about 10,000mls though) steve
  4. That would be great steve, anytime you are free would be good, it would be good for someone who knows them to giv it a once over and point me in the right direction Thanks Steve
  5. Thanks for that, do I need to take the tank out to clean it out/ check for debris or just syphon it and check the fuel condition? Steve
  6. Hi all just bought my first 2b, the car has not done many miles in the last year, i have took it out for a few short runs and the car when warm cuts out, before it does so it backfires a couple of times then just dies as though it not firing, if i try and restart the car it just turns over but doesnt fire, but then if i leave and have a twiddle with wires it restarts but will run for a while and then cut off again, i thought it could be old fuel but there is fresh fuel in there now, could the filter be blocked? silly question but where is it located or does it vary, why would the car backfire
  7. steve w

    Hi All

    thanks guys, the car arrived this afternoon and would you believe as soon as the lowloader pulled up the heavens opened for about three hours, sun came out for an hour before so I whipped the cover off, fitted the new tax dics and took it for soom fuel, your right I think it will take a bit of time to get used too but i can also see what you mean about them being addictive too does everyone always stop and stare at you when your in it!!!!! the car has quite a few squeaks and rattles, is that par for the course on a kit car, it has also done no miles in the last 12 to 18 months so that
  8. steve w

    Hi All

    Hi all, just bought my first kit car, it is a 2002 robin hood 2b, it is based on a sierra 1.8 pinto, I pick it up on friday (looks like I have missed the nice weather!!!) I went to newark show for a look at the kit cars as i was unsure and really liked the look of the robin hoods but i was also impressed with the turn out of hoodys and the club looked like it was run well and had a good following, well i have done it now anyway, i have also just paid for membership as i would like to get involved over time, i live in stockport so will have to look for the nearest meet great site by t
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