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  1. Hi just seeing where to meet as first time comming to meeting I take it I leave from gateshead and head down the A1 is that the correct way thanks
  2. Brought zzr600 carbs of eBay the owner had them running on ford escort and I got the manifold made for pinto engine so these carbs should be set up but I can't confirm this I paid £80 for carbs and £120 for manifold I want £120 for both all you need is silicon hoses and linkage pick up from Newcastle or I can bring to north east meeting on Wednesday contact Paul on 07979953841 thanks
  3. Sorry mate going to let you down as I waited a week for front pics Iv brought one now good luck with sale you should not have problem selling it cheers hanksy
  4. I'm interested need one for silver top
  5. Thanks for that wanted to go to Newark but due offshore on 11th June but thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for that it doesn't look to bad to do I'm start in couple of months time as enjoying the weather thanks for all your help there may be more needed when start but now seen the link i feel more ready cheers
  7. Great just brought all parts just need hubs any photos will be great
  8. Hi mate I spoke to gbs and its about £1000 if I got all the parts is there someone else you know who will do this as its a hell of a lot of money
  9. Hi sorry to bother you could I get some pictures of the front end please
  10. Hi mate also just notice different front suspenion set up have you changed the front and added something to it as the springs are in an angle which and front struts are over hanging just asking as I see your set up different as it may be harder to pass iva like that paul
  11. Ok mate I'm home on the 17th off may next week as I'm off shore if still have car ill phone you up and we sort the deal out paul
  12. Ok thanks Iv just put new engine in but this is way out of my league you know any body does this conversion paul
  13. Hi I'm in the north east and asking what I need to change mine to wish bones and is there any body near by who can do the job thanks paul
  14. Hi mate do you have pay pal account where I could pay you full balance and get it transported up to Newcastle thanks paul
  15. Hi can some one help I'm going to change my 1.6 engine to 2lt tommorrow and wanted to know what to do about the dizzy do I use my old one from 1.6 or use the one rom 2.0 and do I just put the dizzy in and tighten bolt or does it need setting up Iv never changed engine before but up for the challenge
  16. It's 5 speed box so dizzy will be fine and starter motor etc so ill try and fit 1.6 gear box thanks for your help
  17. Hi Iv just brought 2.0 pinto 205 block for my 2b which at the moment has a 1.6 pinto in what I need to know is will my 5 speed box fit and clutch and fly wheel and will I need to change the dizzy many thanks planning to change next week
  18. Hi mate I will buy it if you don't mind getting it delivered up to Newcastle I will pay for this my number is 07979953841 paul
  19. If not sold ill buy then my number is 07979953841 thanks
  20. Ok you mean washers on the bottom of the damper to stop the top moving thanks ill try that
  21. ok thanks ill have a play with it many thanks for all your help
  22. Ok thanks is the springs are from the kit or did you change them the distance looks the same as mine and your dampers don't rub so really all I can do is tighten the bottom damper and ill try 10mm spacer but thanks for your help ill get you a cup of tea at the show I your going thanks
  23. Ok thanks ill try the 10mm at the moment I'm using 5mm I did notice it was a little loose on bottom of damper where it goes in hub so Iv tighten that up and I will put the 10mm spacers on when then come is it ment to move at to i can turn the top of suspenion not much but a little i take it thats ok where can I buy new dampers from are they from a mini and I take it you have had no problem with the sliding suspension also where can I get side screens from and thanks for all your help
  24. It's all road legal just past the mot but when got home I notice new where on damper and it was iva in 2008
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