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  1. Do I need an IVA test for a track day? My kit is ready for a test but can't really afford to do it at the moment (house buying has taken priority) but I would love to have a go in it and was thinking a track day would be a good 'shake down', for me and the car!
  2. I have a set if you are still interested
  3. Got mine as well. Just realised it's for the Thursday 'Moving Motor show' event and not actually the Festival of Speed. Does anybody know exactly what is happening on this day then?
  4. lewthepoo

    Iva Help

    Yes I have added a bar for the belts to pass over, I also considered mounting the harness points to this bar but hopefully just passing them over will suffice. At the bottom of the main roll bar tube I have mounted a square piece of 3mm thick steel plate that is welded to the roll bar and also bolted through the boot floor for added strength. Where the roll bar extensions attach to the rear of the car I have attached the rear seat belt mounts and between these I have added a piece of angled steel that the seat belt/roll bar extension bolts go through. So the bolts go through the seat belt mounts, then through the roll bar extensions, then through the rear part of the chassis, then through the piece of angle that is also bolted to the chassis. I hope that makes sense. I will post some pictures later on when I get home
  5. lewthepoo

    Iva Help

    PM sent Chris. GBS also tried to sell me a zero, spent too much time on this to give up on it though. I will look at changing my seat belt mounts but I think the work I have done at the rear and with the roll bar is strong enough. Looks like I'm heading to Norwich...could be worse.
  6. lewthepoo

    Iva Help

    I have covered all of the chassis strengthening areas on the link. The problem I have is that (according to Simon at GBS) some examiners will refuse to pass monocoque chassis. The local test station to GBS have refused them before unless they have a ladder frame chassis built inside them. I am reluctant to pay the money for the test only to be told that they will not accept, hence the reason I would like to speak to examiner before hand to get his opinion. I think it is ridiculous that the examiners opinion comes into play, the chassis construction regs should be black and white but unfortunately they are not. It doesn't necessarily have to be Leighton Buzzard but the further I have to travel the more it will cost me.
  7. lewthepoo

    Iva Help

    Does anyone know how I can get hold of an IVA tester at local station to talk about my car? I have tried DVLA who put me in touch with my local station (Leighton Buzzard) but they have put me back onto the DVLA, not getting anywhere. Need to talk to a tester to discuss if they are willing to pass my monocoque because I do not want to spend any more time or money if will fail.
  8. lewthepoo

    Track Day

    Not having any joy in getting hold of an IVA tester to talk about the possibility of it passing a test, so was wondering about track days. Does the car have to be registered for the road for track day? Does anyone know what the closest track day to me would be? I'm in Bucks. Many thanks, Lew
  9. lewthepoo


    Just had a chat with Simon at GBS. He was very helpful and is going to get a list together of what his concerns are with regards to IVA test. He did explain that the figure (£4k +) that I was given for completing for test was a worse case scenario and given that they do not know the car, they may find that there are further problems encountered. He is going to sort out the indicator wiring for me (I found this to be a nightmare) and once I have it back with a list I can pick a few brains and work towards the IVA. Thanks again for everyone's help on this
  10. lewthepoo


    Hi again. Really thankful for all of you posts, feeling quite positive about it now. Was just about ready to scrap it yesterday after speaking to GBS. I have to say that I've always thought of them as a good company to deal with and they have been quite helpful in the past but this has really angered me. I would have preferred it if they had just said they did not want to do it rather than tell me it is going to cost £4k to sort, was quite a shock at the time. I have attached the pics that I sent to GBS. I have not got a list of exactly what needs doing from them as yet, I will give them a ring later and ask for this. With reference to Snapperpaul's post; seat belt mounting height - Lower mounts are an issue, I will have to make up a plate to fix them lower than current position. Strengthen steering mounting point - needs to be done. Fitment of cycle wing front arches as swept won't pass - Sorted, just need a stop on the rack and cover sharp edges where I have cut chassis. Radius bottom of dash - needs sorting, not sure what to do with this yet. Really want to keep the dash as mum helped with this and so has sentimental value to me. Strengthen roll bar mountings - sorted, have plate underneath roll bar which is fixed to chassis. Strengthen pedal box mountings - sorted. Doesn't move an inch when applying brake pressure. Car 014.pdf
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