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  1. wiring loom (but not the sierra one) Cheers Steve
  2. seconds on the loom if it becomes available for what ever reason Cheers
  3. I agree with you Simon, from the video biker looks to be going to fast for that situation, but that's our opinion and a court could see it totally different too us Steve
  4. After reading this topic yesterday this article appeared on another forum today. Yes a motorbike forum so some may say it's biased others may think other wise http://www.motorbikestoday.com/news/Articles/filtering_law.htm Steve
  5. Hoppo


    may be able to scam and email if i can find them, then work out how to do it, if that helps cheers steve
  6. May get to attend this one but not in the kit car. Will have a word with the wife and let you know nearer the date Cheers Steve (Hoppo)
  7. I Have one but like yours I was told it have a small leak on the weld somewhere. I never used it so dont know where or how bad. I'm away for a week but could do photos when i get back if your interested Steve
  8. Hoppo

    Pinto Manifold

    no porb Nik
  9. Hoppo

    Pinto Manifold

    Got a 4 branch mild steel pinto manifold, bought off flameredturbo in January not now needed Cheers Steve
  10. Sorry at work at 3pm so looks doubtful from me. Steve
  11. got this forsale, the hole in he side on mine is in the wrong place and I didn't want to cut another one http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=38408 Steve
  12. Had a great day out, good company, weather and food Well done for organising the meet Alan.
  13. Can you add me and the wife please, we are suposed to be out on the Saturday night but should be OK for the Sunday Cheers Steve,Tracy (Hoppo)
  14. I have a leaded head fitted in the kit car, I’m thinking of swapping with an injection head. Can someone say which gasket set, head bolts I will need to fit the injection head, will the inlet and exhaust fit straight on. I’m sure there was a post on here somewhere but can’t find it now. Cheers Steve
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